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Rescue Remedy Essence.

Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm with this channelled Rescue Remedy Essence so that you can feel calm, grounded and connected with yourself again.

Your nervous system can feel strained, shattered or exhausted when you are dealing with stress, adjusting to change or simply coping with life. This Rescue Remedy Essence can make all the difference by helping to release the overwhelm and repair your system so that you can function with ease and flow in the world again.

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My name is Janine Thorp and I’m so pleased to be connecting with you. 

Connecting with the healing frequencies of Nature and the Universe has been a huge part of my life for many years. Soon after channelled essences first started coming in to support me in my healing, they also began coming in for so many others. This Rescue Remedy is one of them. I hope that you feel the benefit of it as much as I have.

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“I love the essences so much. They’re so lovely and such  great support – they’re just perfect. There’s so much detail in each one. They really resonate.”

Louise, Ireland

“I’ve been amazed how fast and effectively these essences have helped me to work through issues in my life. They’ve helped me to be happy and centred in my own being and given me a greater understanding for myself and the Divine.”

Padraig, Australia

“The essences are so good. They’re incredible – I can’t even find words to describe the difference they make. I love them. Thank you!”

C.H., England.

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