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Explore this library of free gifts and resources to support you on your health, manifesting and ascension journey – so that you can have the freedom, ease and abundance that you would love. 

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The Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essences 
for empaths, intuitives & creatives who long for more freedom, vitality & abundance

Discover how the wonderful frequencies of pure essential oils can help you to release stress, align your energy and come into flow so that you feel connected with yourself and your own needs and desires,

PLUS receive the top 12 Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essences – with their Affirmations for healing and manifesting (that you can use with or without physical essential oils) to enhance your ability to create a life that you love, with the freedom, wellbeing and abundance you long for. 

Awaken your intuition &

Open up to new possibilities 
with the EarthLight & Alignment Essences

Receive the beautiful healing and teaching frequencies of Nature and the Universe with these 18 channelled Essences and their print-your-own Mini-Cards – and allow them to support you to clear your energy, awaken your intuition, restore your wellbeing and open up to new possibilities in your life.


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'Discover One Touch' Guide

Learn more about this simple and empowering way to activate your healing, manifesting and ascension abilities – including exclusive scripts for healing, opening to love and manifesting financial abundance.

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