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Below is a collection of amazing audios, guides and other resources that can support you to receive the incredible healing, teaching and creative energies within you, Nature and the Universe.

Some of these resources come with several emails. So to avoid overwhelm, I recommend that you choose just ONE today – choose your favourite! – and to then return another day to choose your next favourite. 

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Abundance Activation
for Sensitive & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Download this channelled Abundance Activation to expand your capacity to receive greater prosperity in your business and experience greater abundance in all areas of your life.

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Awakening Your Intuition
as a Sensitive & Spiritual Entrepreneur

Open up to your intuition and expand your ability to sense your inner guidance with ease, clarity and confidence, so that you can live in greater flow, make a bigger difference, and create a life and business you love.

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Connecting with Your
Spirit Guide

Discover which angel, guide or other being of Light is closest to you right now – and receive their love, support and guidance for whatever challenge, goal or dream you would most like help with.


The Essences Portal

Explore the life-transforming energies and affirmations of the EarthLight and Alignment Essences to empower you to tap into the Intelligence of the Universe, release what’s holding you back and come into flow with the fullest expression of your Being . (No opt-in needed.) 

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Channelled Essences Guidebook
with the EarthLight & Alignment Essences

Discover how to tap into the beautiful healing and teaching energies of Nature and the Universe – including 18 print-your-own Essences Cards. 

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Rescue Remedy Essence
(+ Rescue Remedy for Animals)

Restore a sense of calm, connection and wellbeing during times of stress, with these two channelled Rescue Remedy Essences. (Yours for free.)

Simple Self-Healing

One Touch Technique

Discover this simple self-healing technique that releases stress, grounds you in your body, heals your heart and reconnects you with the the Universe so that you can align with a new reality and create a life and business you love.


"3 Simple Ways to Release Stress with Pure Essential Oils"

Discover 3 simple and effective ways for releasing any stress that you’re feeling by connecting with the healing energies of pure essential oils. 

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"Sensitive Soul's 
Essential Oil Survival Kit"

Discover the top 10 essential oils for aligning your energy and supporting you to feel happy, healthy and abundant.