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Clear your Energy & Awaken your Intuition with the EarthLight & Alignment Essences

Receive the beautiful healing and teaching frequencies of Nature and the Universe with these 18 Essences and their print-your-own Mini-Cards – and allow them to support you to clear your energy, awaken your intuition and open up to new possibilities in your life.


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Activating Your Magic & Miracles

Discover how you can connect with your energy and higher consciousness so that you can experience the magic and miracles in your life that you long for.

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Rescue Remedy Essence

Restore a sense of calm, connection and wellbeing during times of stress, with this channelled Rescue Remedy Essence & audio-guide. (Yours for free.)


The 10 Best Essential Oils for Aligning your Energy with Freedom, Vitality & Abundance

Discover how the wonderful frequencies of pure essential oils can help you to release stress and align your energy, so that you can feel grounded, confident and clear …. and have the fulfilment, freedom, health and abundance you long for. 

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