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About me

My Story

My name is Janine Thorp and I love, Nature, energy and personal growth. I was born in East Africa, an area with amazing earth energy. As a child I returned to Ireland, my mother’s homeland, a country with a beautiful gentle energy and lived in the country surrounded by Nature and animals and by the sea. 

These have always been essential to my wellbeing, and as I grew up, travelled, lived in different countries and eventually had my beautiful baby I discovered that I could communicate not only with the intelligence within Nature but also with highly evolved souls, beings and other Universal Intelligences. 

They taught me how to bring in healing and teaching frequencies and how to simply and easily restore balance, vitality and wellbeing. They also taught me how I could in turn teach and support others to clear their energy, come into alignment and discover their own gifts and abilities so that they can do what they are here to do.

Supporting a new consciousness on the planet, one of co-operation and deep connection with Nature and each other, and supporting the Earth to return to balance and vitality is essential to me. This is becoming more and more urgent with al that is going on in the world today. 

If you feel drawn to discovering more about how you can consciously engage with the energy and intelligence within and around you so that you can do what you are here to do, then reach out to me below. Our world can be changed by good people living their purpose!