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The beautiful energies of doTerra essential oils can help you to bring greater ease, vitality and abundance into your life.  These gifts of Nature can help you to awaken your intuition, embrace your gifts and increase your health, wealth and happiness..

Choose individual oils that you feel drawn to, or choose one of doTerra’s starter kits to set you up with a ready-made collection of the most useful oils to have. 

Do you already know which oils you’d like to have? Then click the link to set up your wholesale account – or if you’d like to find out more, just scroll on down. 

Essential Oils + MY Experience

Nature's Healing Energies

Pure essential oils contain the incredible healing and teaching frequencies of Nature and are so much more than just beautiful aromas.

Pure essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found within parts of plants like the bark, roots, flowers, stems, and seeds. On a physical level their essential oils are extracted with great care to preserve their therapeutic value and original chemical structure so we can benefit from their powerful properties as we use them daily.

On an energetic level they share with us the incredible wisdom, knowledge and intelligence that Nature expresses through plants. With every drop – and even the tiniest molecule – of essential oil, we can directly tap into and receive these amazing healing and teaching frequencies. 

For years, I had never particularly liked essential oils. But when I first started using DoTerra’s essential oils it was a completely different experience. I loved them! 

I started using them to support myself, my daughter and soon also my clients. I realised that they could bring in huge transformation on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – with so much ease and flow! These essential oils are unlike any others I’ve tried.

Quality & Ethics

Why doTERRA​

The more pure the essential oil, the more powerful your results will be. This is where doTERRA excels – they don’t mass-produce low quality oils. And their ethics and social contribution to the world are wonderful.

Using its co-impact sourcing, doTERRA works directly with local farmers and distillers in over forty countries to provide essential oils to customers around the world. When doTERRA began they saw the value in sourcing the purest essential oils to obtain the strongest potency. When the plant is grown in the optimal environment & more importantly in its native environment, including soil, temp, and climate, they produce quality much higher in potency for our essential oils.

doTERRA has also created the Healing Hands Foundation and through this foundation, have given back to developing communities that don’t have the basic quality of life that we have been blessed with, including ensuring that they have clean, running water, medical care, schools, homes and that by cutting out the middle-man that both men and women are fairly paid.

doTERRA + Essential oil magic

Why Become a Wholesale Member?

DoTERRA wholesale membership is the most cost effective way to get started with essential oils. A doTERRA membership entitles you to wholesale prices (25% off retail) for 12 months.  

PLUS when you join using my affiliate link, as a way for me to say “thank you!”,  you will receive complimentary access to Essential Oil Magic, my doTerra essential oils self-healing and spiritual growth program, in which I show you how you can use your doTerra’s essential oils to support yourself energetically and emotionally – including how to clear your energy, come into flow, heal your nervous system, enhance your intuition, release your blocks and create what you would love, and so much more. PLUS you will have the option to have complimentary access to our monthly Live Teaching, Healing and Q&A Calls.

DoTERRA‘s Family Essentials Kit (The ‘smaller kit’)

DoTERRA‘s Home Essentials Kit (The ‘bigger kit’)

Getting Started

Becoming a wholesale member of doTerra is normally €25/annum, but you can get FREE MEMBERSHIP for your first year with an enrolment kit.

Two favourite enrolment kits are the Family Essentials Kit, which comes with ten of the most popular and useful oils in 5ml bottles and a guidebook, and the Home Essentials Kit, which also comes with the ten most popular and useful essential oils, only in bigger 15ml bottles, plus a diffuser. 

While you can of course purchase any individual oils you’d like, these kits are the most cost effective ways to start.  The 10 oils included are  . . . 


When you join using my affiliate link, to say “thank you!”, you will also receive complimentary access to Essential Oil Magic,  my essential oils program,  where you can learn more about how you can use the oils to heal your life and help the world. You’ll also be able to join our Live Q&A calls to get your questions answered, plus receive exclusive essential oils gifts and bonuses, all designed to empower you to have the freedom, vitality and abundance you desire.

How to Purchase your Essential Oils

Step 1) Click the link below to purchase your favourite oils or to choose your favourite Kit in your preferred language.

Step 2) Check your Region is correct and then select your chosen kit or individual oils. .

Step 3) At “Order Summary”, click on “Next”

Step 4) Create your account and click on “Next”.

Step 5) Confirm that the person who referred you to doTerra is Janine Thorp.

Step 6) Add your address.

Step 7) Make your payment.

Step 8) Confirm your order and details.

Step 9) Receive your very own amazing essential oils in the post! 

Step 10) Email to request your complimentary membership of Essential Oil Magic. 

 >>>>>>>   And celebrate! Woohoo!!