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Welcome to these beautiful channelled EarthLight Essences and Alignment Essences. These are two of the Sets available in the Universal & Nature Intelligence Essences, Collections 1 & 2. Each Essence has unique healing frequencies that can support you to release stress, restore your wellbeing, align your energy, open your intuition, and so much more. 

Click the links to see the Essences in each Set, or you can print them as Essence Mini-Cards by clicking here. 

how to use the Essences to release stress &

Bring Your Energy Into Flow & Alignment

1) What would you like support with? Choose the issue, challenge, goal or dream you’d most like support with right now. This can be to do with your health, finances, relationships, lifestyle or any other area of your life.

2) Notice which one of the Essence Sets you most feel drawn to or catches your attention – the EarthLight Essences or the Alignment Essences. Click on its name to see all the Essences that are in it, or alternatively put the printed Mini-Cards from that set in front of you. 

3) Now notice which one of the Essences in this Set you most feel drawn to or catches your attention. Choose this one.

4) Read the affirmation slowly. Be present and breathe quietly for a few moments. Allow your energy to shift and notice how you feel, any thoughts or images that come into your mind, or any sensations in your body. 

5) Optional: After a few moments, if you’d like to choose another Essence then do. Continue until you feel calm, clear and centred in your body and in your energy. In the coming hours or days, notice any insights or inspirations that come into your awareness.

Discover The Complete Universal & Nature Intelligences Essences Collections

The Complete Essence Card Collections include 13 sets of unique Essences. Below are the sets included in each collection, along with some other useful links. Alternatively you can find out more about them here

** All these Essence Sets are available in the complete Essence Card Collections 1 & 2. Click here to find out more.

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