The Rescue Remedy Collection


This collection of unique channelled Rescue Remedy Essences is designed to support and empower you to bring healing, balance, stability and alignment to all areas of your life – from your pets and companion animals, to the plants in your home and garden, to your environment, to any projects you are working on – from your finances and business, to your creative projects, to your home and garden, your relationships, and so much more.



The Collection includes:

~ Rescue Remedy Essence (original)
~ Rescue Remedy Essence for Animals
~ Rescue Remedy Essence for Plants
~ Rescue Remedy Essence for Projects
~ Environmental Rescue Remedy Essence

Animals and plants can be stressed, out-of-alignment or in struggle, our environment can hold stuck and stagnant energies, and our projects can feel like they’re not moving forward in the way we’d like them to – and they can all be supported energetically to return to flow, balance and harmony.

As each Remedy is channelled and created specifically for an animal, plant, project or environment, each one is a perfect vibrational match for where it is at energetically and emotionally, and with what is most needed in that moment.

Receive the downloads for these Rescue Remedies via short and simple audios that guide you how to make the Remedy that is personalised and a perfect vibrational match for the animal, plant, environment or project that you would like to support. Included is also a guide to how you can use them.