The Healing Room Membership

The Healing Room Membership provides Light-workers like you with an ongoing environment of healing frequencies and support to release stress, feel more clear, confident and connected, and be in the flow of your own energy and inspiration – so that you can experience more ease, abundance and happiness in your life.

You can choose the area, or areas that you most want to focus on – such as health, relationships, wealth, business or spiritual growth – and also whether you would like to stay for just one month or for longer.

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Single Month  …. €45
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Rolling Monthly …. €35/month (minimum 3 months)
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The Healing Room Membership provides a healing environment for Light-workers, a quantum energy field in which you can immerse yourself in healing Light frequencies and support, each and every day as you go about your normal life. 

Receiving this remote healing daily is a very simple and easy way to enhance your health and well-being, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, as well as enhance your abundance, relationships, spiritual growth, fulfilment and success.

You can choose to focus on:

  • Healing for Health
  • Healing for Wealth
  • Healing for Happiness
  • Healing for Relationships
  • Healing for Business
  • Healing for Spiritual Growth
  • Whatever is most is important to you

As you go about your day, your energy is infused with Light, and you become more aligned with your unique Spiritual Design, open up to your own higher consciousness and activate your body’s natural ability to heal, transform and evolve.

Blocks, misalignments and dissonances that are held in your field start to release, your vibration lifts and you’ll start to feel lighter and brighter, more comfortable in your body and better able to navigate life’s stresses.

It is common to:

  • feel calmer and more relaxed
  • experience a sense of wellness and vitality
  • feel more at ease physically and emotionally
  • have greater mental clarity
  • feel more confident and optimistic
  • experience more happy synchronicities
  • connect with others more easily
  • feel more abundant and fulfilled
  • and many other benefits

Your body’s inner wisdom and your higher consciousness amplify your own connection with Source and direct the Light and healing energies to wherever you need it most, in your body, mind, emotions and spirit, so that you can grow and evolve in your human life experience.

These are some of the testimonials shared by people who have experienced The Healing Room:

“I can’t thank you enough Janine for creating this healing room. It’s vibration is very beautiful and very effective.”

“It feels to me like that time when i first rode an e-bike and turned the battery on when i was struggling to ride uphill by myself – nice gentle support, like having someone gently and with care helping me to continue to go forward.”

“My finances have improved!” 

“The healing room is incredible Janine! It feels like a very real space. I love it!! I  consciously go there at night or in the mornings just to experience the beautiful energy field!”

“I have been aware of being in the ‘healing room’ and it’s felt like I’m receiving guidance and finding it easier to tune in to my own intuition.”

“One morning I woke up and it felt like that late night dinner had not digested. I consciously went into the healing room and asked for some relief before I got up. It really was amazing what happened and so beautiful! My whole system calmed down, not just my stomach. And I relaxed so much I fell into a deep sleep.”

“I love The Healing Room. I really love being there and I love talking with the Beings of Light – I always get what I ask for.”


After becoming a member of The Healing Room, you’ll receive an email each week supporting you to stay connected with the healing frequencies and Beings of Light, and to support you as you move forward on your healing journey. 

Before purchasing, please first REGISTER HERE for your FREE 15-day Trial , so that you can experience it, and learn about and attune to The Healing Room’s energies.


Single Month of Membership of The Healing Room …. €45
To purchase please click here.

Recurring, or Rolling Monthly Membership of The Healing Room …. €35/month (minimum 3 months)
To purchase please click here.


Please note

** No refunds for payments already made. **

** The Healing Room Membership is available at the level of energy, frequency and vibration. There is no physical or online product and you will receive a weekly email to stay in touch.**



The Healing Room Membership is intended for energetic support and education, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, disease or injury to the body. It is not a substitute for medical care. Anyone suffering from any illness, disease or injury should seek qualified professional healthcare. It is also not a substitute for professional financial, business, or legal advice. anyone struggling in these areas should seek the appropriate qualified professional advice.