Discover Nature’s Healing Frequencies (Workshop)


Would you love to be able to easily connect at a deeper, lighter and more intuitive level with the healing frequencies of plants and their essential oils – so that you can receive their incredible support to not only heal your life, but also bring healing to the world around you?



Connect with The Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essence Cards, and learn simple ways that you can use them to not only enhance your health, abundance, relationships, career and anything else that you would love to improve in your life, but also to make a bigger difference in the world around you.

In this 60 minute workshop, I’ll show you how to use the cards to:

  • tune into and clear your energy so that you can release stress and feel lighter, brighter and reconnected with yourself, 
  • have fun as you bring yourself into flow with what you would love to heal, create or manifest so that you can move forward with ease and joy,  
  • bring distant healing to the world around you and how simple it can be to make a difference, 
  • and come away feeling confident that you can connect with nature and the healing frequencies of plants at any time you want to (and can start to really notice the difference it can make in your life).

Join me for this upcoming workshop** and come away feeling clear and confident that you’ll know how to use The Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essence Cards, both by themselves or in combination with doTerra’s pure essential oils if you have them.

** Date: This event will be held after the cards are printed and have arrived with everyone who has pre-ordered them – and so the date will be confirmed nearer the time.

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • The live 60 minute Workshop, with personal support and time to answer any questions that you may have.
  • The Replay so that you can watch (and re-watch) it at any time.
  • A Guidebook to support you to continue to grow in clarity, confidence and sureness as you use the cards.

Here’s just a snippet of what I will be sharing inside the “Discover Nature’s Healing Frequencies” workshop:

  • Simple ways to choose the perfect-for-you essential oil essences (or physical essential oils) to use, so that you feel completely clear and confident to use The Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essence Cards.
  • How to receive their amazing support for any specific challenge or dream that you would like to focus on – whether that is your health, finances, your soul-business, a creative project, a relationship or anything else.
  • Throughout the workshop, experience your energy becoming lighter and brighter, and more grounded and in flow as you connect with the frequencies of nature that are perfect for you.

Click on ‘Add to Basket’ above to register and join Live** or via the Replay at a time that’s convenient for you.

** This event will be held after the cards are printed and so the date will be confirmed nearer the time.




If you’re not satisfied with this ‘Discover Nature’s Healing Frequencies’ workshop for whatever reason, you’re covered by our no-questions-asked, 7-day, 100% money back guarantee.