The EarthLight and Alignment Essences Downloads


Receive the downloads for both the EarthLight Essences as well as the Alignment Essences along with amazing their healing and teaching frequencies that can support you to be true to yourself, grounded in your body and in alignment with your highest joy so that you can thrive as a highly sensitive person.

PLUS receive both the EarthLight and Alignment Essences Mini-Cards!



These 10 channelled EarthLight Essences and 8 channelled Alignment Essences have been shared with us by the Intelligence within Nature and the Universe to support us as a highly sensitive souls so that we can live our best life, feeling connected with ourselves and with the Universe, in flow and alignment with joy, love, freedom and empowerment.

Within these 2 Packages you’ll …

~ Receive 18 Channelled Essences and their vibrational downloads,

~ Receive Audios and Guides to empower you to tap into your inner guidance as well as into the healing and teaching of the Essences,

~ Release stress and struggle and restore a sense of empowerment, presence and confidence,

~ Expand  your confidence in your intuition and in your ability to sense and to read energy,

~ Awaken your spiritual gifts and connection with Nature, Source and the Universe,

~ Feel joy, love and ease so that you can live a life that is authentic and fulfilling for you.

~ PLUS you’ll receive both the EarthLight Essences Mini-Cards and the Alignment Essences Mini-Cards. These are print-your-own cards that make it so easy to choose essences, receive their support and to increase your intuition and conscious engagement skills.