The Alignment Essences Mini-Cards


These print-your-own cards for the Alignment Essences give you a simple way to receive the healing and teaching energies of Nature and the Universe so that you can release what’s holding you back and instead come into alignment with freedom, ease and the joyful life you would love.



The Alignment Essences support you to release stress, realign with your own flow, vitality and inspiration, and reconnect with your feelings of joy, empowerment, abundance and grace. When you work with these wonderful essences via their cards and affirmations, you’ll start experiencing more ease, your confidence in your sensitivities and in your intuition will expand and you’ll feel connected with the creative intelligence that’s within you, Nature and the Universe.

With these Alignment Essences Mini-Cards you’ll … 

~ Receive 8 print-your-own mini-cards that connect you with the 8 Alignment Essences,

~ Receive step-by-step guides to 4 different types of Card Readings for healing, clarity and angel communication PLUS 4 audios walking you through how to do them.

~ Release energies, emotions and beliefs that have been keeping you feeling stressed, stuck and unable to create what you would love,

~ Open up to more ease, freedom, joy, abundance and love,

~ Expand your intuition, inner guidance and energy-sensing skills,

~ Awaken your spiritual gifts and connection with Nature, Beings of Light and the Universe

~ Feel empowered to support yourself no matter what challenge or dream you have,

~ Transform your life in ways that you may not have even dreamed of yet, simply because the more you are in alignment the more miracles can happen.


Note (a): Add these to your set of EarthLight Essences Mini-Cards, available for free here, so that you have an expanded set of diverse and incredibly supportive cards to work with.  

Note (b): These Alignment Essence Mini-Cards are also included in both the ‘Alignment Essences Package’ and the ‘EarthLight and Alignment Essences Combo Package’. Find out more here.