Are you sensitive, intuitive and struggling to cope with life?

Welcome to the Sensitive Soul’s Essential Oil Survival Kit. These are the best essential oils that can effortlessly support you to feel grounded, balanced and able to thrive as a highly sensitive and intuitive person in today’s challenging world. 

You’ll discover the top oils that can clear your energy and help you to set your boundaries, reconnect with your own Source connection and embrace the gifts that your sensitivities truly are.

You’ll learn how these beautiful gifts of Nature can validate your authentic way of being, enhance your natural strength and encourage you to embrace your dreams – and I will support you the whole way!

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My name is Janine Thorp and I’m so pleased to be connecting with you. 

Living in balance and partnership with Nature, in alignment with my own energy and living my purpose are all so important to me and are also what I love to help other highly sensitive people with.

I’d love to connect with you on facebook, instagram and youtube. Just click on these links and I look forward to seeing you there!

What's included in the "Essential Oils for the Sensitive Soul" e-series?

This collection of 4 emails shows how you can take care of your own gorgeous energy by using pure essential oils, intuition and intention – including how this can change your chemistry and rewire your brain so that you can create new experiences and hence a new reality.

This e-series will be released over a 4-week period — so you can start supporting your energy and creating a beautiful natural life that you love at your own pace (that doesn’t take forever to research and even longer to see success from)  – and that has a positive ripple of wellbeing that spreads out around the world.

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Client Reviews

"Janine is uniquely gifted as a spiritual guide. Now feel a calm confidence around working with my talents and spiritual gifts. I feel immensely grateful to have been put in such with her and I know that all who work with her will be equally blessed as I have been"
Aedamar, Ireland
"Janine's work is hugely transformative while being totally easy. It is so empowering and fun. She has helped me to connect with that amazing flow where life shows up as a series of exciting adventures waiting to be enjoyed."
Maya, Portugal
" Your work has been truly life-changing for me. It's the first time I'm getting a breakthrough within n area I've been struggling with fora very long time. Thank you so much! It's been amazing."
Tiffany, USA
"Thank you dear Janine for helping me to connect with my own truth in an incredibly powerful way. It's like all the pieces have been joined up the right way suddenly. I'm eternally grateful!"
Melissa, India

Enter your details to receive your FREE Sensitive Soul's Essential Oils Survival Kit guide + e-series!