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Space Clearing your home

Happy Home, Happy You

Your home is where you spend a large portion of your life and having a home that has an energy that supports your health, abundance and fulfillment can make a huge difference to your happiness and wellbeing.

Just like your home naturally gathers dust that needs to be regularly cleaned, it also naturally gathers energetic ‘dust’ that can affect you that also needs to be regularly cleaned. This comes from the life experiences, emotions and thoughts of all who live there. 

For example the energy of an argument, an illness or even a divorce experienced years ago may still be in the space and affecting you.

There may also be other factors affecting you such as geopathic stress, the history of previous occupants, the history of the area you’re living in, and energy beings connecting with your home.

Clearing and realigning the energy of your home can be especially beneficial if ….

  • You, your family or your pets are having health problems.
  • You're struggling financially or with your work.
  • Your relationships are stressed and strained.
  • You or a member of your family is going through lot of emotional or personal transformation.
  • You're feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward.
  • There's an underlying atmosphere or a feeling of unhappiness, loneliness, poverty, anger or pain.

The health and wellbeing of everybody who lives in your home, the people who have lived there before, your pets, your work, your finances and your relationships are all connected, and all can benefit hugely by releasing old, stagnant energies and aligning with the energies of happiness, vitality, abundance and your dreams. 

When the energy of your home is cleared, simultaneously the energy of all of these areas of your life can also be cleared.

Experience the difference

Book a 'Healing Homes' Clearing

Experience the difference it can make to clear and realign the energy of your home so that it supports you, your family and your pets to have the health, happiness, wealth and success you desire.


The Difference It Can Make

When you have a unique and empowering Healing Homes Clearing, the difference it can make can reach into every area of your life. It …

  • Releases stuck, stagnant or resistant energies and realigns both you and your home with health, happiness, abundance and success.
  • Supports your relationships, finances, work and creativity to be in flow, vitality and alignment.
  • Enjoy benefits such as decreased stress, selling your home more easily, moving forward in your life, opening up to new experiences and much more.
  • Awakens your trust in your intuition, opens up your spiritual gifts and frees up your energy so that you can answer your soul's calling and live your purpose.

I work at a distance and so can work with you and your home no matter where in the world you live. 

If you would like to explore having a Healing Homes Clearing you are welcome to book a free, no pressure Complimentary Consultation.