I fear I’ll lose my family if I live my purpose and become wealthy

This week’s question for ‘Ask Janine: Messages from the Universe’ is from someone in the US …

This week’s QUESTION:

“How can I deal with the fear that my family and friends “won’t like me” or “will leave me” if I continue expanding in my life and business? I have this fear that if I start making a lot of money and following my purpose that I won’t fit in with my family and friends
anymore and I’ll be all alone.”


 “Hi, Thank you so much for your question.  For simplicity I will just say ‘family’, but by this I mean ‘family and friends’ 🙂

This is a very understandable fear, and it comes up for so many people when we expand and grow beyond what is ‘normal’ for our family. And sometimes we do need to let go and allow our relationships to evolve in the way they need to, and to allow ourselves to grow and meet new people, or even a new soul family, who do resonate with us.  

Many times it is our own fears that we project onto our family, and in reality they are usually delighted for us to succeed. They may need to go through an expansion but as we grow they will also grow. We are all so connected energetically and at a soul level, so that expansion for one, automatically brings in expansion for everyone, to some degree or other, regardless of whether it is conscious or not.

In the end everyone benefits , grows and evolves the most when each of us stays true to who we really are, and say ‘yes’ to our dreams.

It feels like you have an underlying fear of abandonment that is triggered anytime you step out of the energetic norm for your family. There’s a fear that if you were to leave that energetic norm that you would no longer match and that you would be on your own; that there would be no grounding or sense of belonging.

But if you look at the energetic norm for your family, you will see that there is a lot of fluidity in it. There is space for each person to expand and grow. What is holding the ridgity are the fears of the individual people, as well any inherited ancestral fear.

In your empathy you can sense their fears as well as your own, and are wary of triggering their fears and then having to deal with both theirs as well as your own. Sensing their fears increases your reluctance to expand.

This is a meditation that may help:

First breathe into the fear of expanding, and breathe into the fears of abandonment. Feel the feelings in your body. Take a few moments or as long as you need, to feel them, to bless them and to thank them for keeping you safe in the best way they knew how.

When you’re ready, notice that on the other side of your fear is excitement.

Breathe into the sense of excitement you have around expanding. If you like also breathe into the excitement that your family has around expanding. They may or may not feel the excitement at a personality level but at a soul level it is there! Feel the excitement in your body. Take a few moments or as long as you want, to bless it and thank it for helping you to grow and evolve.

Then notice or imagine a bridge going between the fear and the excitement. Notice how the bridge gives a sense of connection between the fear and the excitement. Keep breathing. As you’re looking at the bridge, notice how the intensity of any fear-based emotions are lessening, and that more balance and a sense of higher purpose is coming in.

Notice how the energy in your body is shifting, and that the energy between you and your family is moving from fear into soul-level cooperation and balance. Notice the evolutionary dynamic that’s showing up within your family in which everyone is helping everyone to evolve. Notice how your family are supporting you at a soul level, and also how they supporting you at a personality level too – and if they’re not, then bless them, thank them and let them go with love so that you can both follow your own paths.

Allow yourself to feel supported by the many Beings who are in partnership with you – these are like a non physical soul- and consciousness- family who are eager for your growth and expansion into greater joy. Notice how there are Beings and consciousnesses supporting and encouraging your entire family.

Feel into your body again, and into your energy. Notice how you are opening up to new connections in your life – new people, opportunities, experiences … and how these are helping you to become more of who you really are, more grounded, balanced and stable, and more secure in yourself too. They are helping you to ground more of your own energy and frequencies so that you can be who you really are, make choices that support you to be who you really are – including having more money and living and enjoying your life in the way that lights you up – and live your higher purpose.

Wishing you a fulfilling and enjoyable expansion  🙂

Love, Janine”


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