conscious engagement

Energy & Intuition

Our world of energy

Tuning into Energy

Everything is energy – the computer you’re reading this on, the chair you’re sitting on, the electricity you’re using, the trees in your garden, the air you’re breathing, your relationship with your best friend, the stars in our galaxy and you. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and with its own form, order and organisation.

We can read this energy, each of us sensing it in our own way. We can also communicate and engage with it.

Unconsciously we are doing this all the time, and the more we practice trusting our senses and our inner knowing the more we can begin consciously engage with this amazing and beautiful intelligence that’s within all Life – within us, within Nature and within the Universe.

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Natural ability

Trusting Your Intuition

Our intuition is our inner guidance system. It’s the part of us that is connected with all that is and that senses what’s going on, what’s in harmony and in alignment and what isn’t. 

With this information we can make choices that also are in harmony and in alignment. We have the awareness and insights we need to move forward in the way that’s right for us. 

The more we feel comfortable and confident with what we are sensing within us and around us, and the more we feel confident trusting our intuition and inner knowing, the easier our life choices become and the more we feel that amazing feeling of being in alignment and flow with all of Life.  

Energy downloads

Channelled Essences

We each have our own unique collection of soul experiences, gifts and knowledge that we can tap into at any time we would like support, inspiration or transformation. To do this we normally need to be vibrating at a high frequency, and be in coherence and alignment. 

This can sometimes be tricky when we’re struggling and vibrating at a lower frequency. This is where Channelled Essences come in.   

Channelled Essences are the healing and teaching frequencies of the Universe that we can bring in through our channel  – our connection with the Universe – when we are in a high vibrational state. 

These energies are grounded in water. so that simply by drinking or even just holding the water, they are easily available for us to connect with anytime we would like support. 

We can also make these for others to support them too.

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Co-Create with the Universe

Conscious Engagement

Conscious Engagement is a simple 5-step process to connect, communicate and engage with the energy within you, with your spiritual helpers and with Nature and the Universe..

It supports you to release what’s holding you back and come into flow and alignment, so that you can manifest the happiness, wellbeing and success you desire. 

It supports you to connect with your channel and allow the energy of the Universe to flow through you, transforming your energy and the energy of the world around you.

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