Receive Nurturing & Empowering

Distant Healing

Align with vibrant health & wellbeing, & open up to harmony, peace & joy in your body and your life, with a

1:1 Distant Healing Session

Receiving a Distant Healing Session is a simple and life transforming way to enhance your well-being in a way that is personal and bespoke for you. 

This is for you if you would love to …

  • feel more comfortable and at ease in your body,
  • increase your energy and vitality,
  • feel more optimistic, empowered and free,
  • have more joy, clarity and confidence,
  • feel able to move forward in your life in a way that feels aligned and authentic for you.

A Distant Healing Session includes tuning in to where in your energy you most need support – and enhancing your energetic and spiritual state of being so that you can open up to harmony, joy and peace in your body and in your life.

Using Light Frequencies to align your energy and raise your vibration, Psychic Surgery to support your body to release what it no longer needs, and Spiritual Design to support you to create and manifest what you desire, I help you to release energetic blocks, heal unresolved emotions and release limiting beliefs, patterns, programs and imprints that are holding you back from the life that you would love.

I support you to harmonise and restore flow to your electrical and nervous systems, and activate your blueprints for health and well-being – and open up the flow of your life-force throughout your body, so that you feel lighter, brighter and more whole. 

As you connect more and more with your authentic self, you naturally align with your authentic health, happiness and well-being.

Distant Healing can also assist your pets and animal companions to return to their optimal health, happiness and well-being.

Both you, and they, can function best when all emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual systems are in harmony with each other. 

A Distant Healing Session can support you – or your pet – to :

  • feel a sense of relief
  • feel more at ease
  • release stress
  • cope better with challenges
  • release tensions and discomforts in your body
  • have more energy and vitality
  • sleep better
  • feel more enthusiastic about life
  • have new insights and fresh inspirations
  • connect with your creativity
  • feel more peace and joy
  • have better boundaries
  • move your body more easily
  • activate your own self-healing ability
  • take care of yourself better
  • improve your relationships
  • increase your intuition
  • open up to more money, love and opportunities
  • and so much more.

The energy goes where it needs to go, and is directed by your higher consciousness to support you with what’s most important for you.

After the healing session is complete, you will receive an audio recording describing what came in during the session, together with insights and a personal message for you.  

To book, please click the link below and then send a recent photograph to Please allow 5 days (excluding weekends) to receive your distant healing and audio recording.