Channelled Light Healing


"Channelled Light Healing"

Discover this channelled healing and teaching methodology that realigns us with our own Source connection and activates our channel so that we can bring in knowledge, skills and consciousness that we have been gathering for eons throughout our soul’s journey . . . . and transform our life, our health, our wealth and our happiness here and now. 


A Wonderful Partnership

Channelled Light Healing is a partnership between us (the human) and Nature Intelligence, Beings of Light, such as Ascended Masters, highly evolved souls, Angels, Archangels, and other Consciousnesses.

It was taught to me by these beautiful and loving non-physical helpers. I’m learning more all the time because it is a lifelong expansion, growth and evolution.

Through partnering with them, I learnt how to sense energy, how to transmit energy, transform energy, and how to consciously engage with these wonderful helpers to gently and powerfully support healing and transformation. I also teach others how to do the same.

In this space of tapping in to higher consciousness and the light within us and within the Universe we can release the emotions, beliefs and experiences that have been holding us back. We can restore our light-body and return to balance, flow and alignment, and we can open up to our incredible potential as beings of light experiencing physical form and to the infinite possibilities in this life that exist for us.

This is a very grounded, balancing and uplifting healing modality that can restore you to feeling clear, inspired and uplifted, reconnected with your spiritual helpers, with your purpose and with your spiritual gifts and feeling confident trusting your sensitivities, intuition and ability to create the life that you desire – including health, wealth, happiness and fulfilling your souls’ calling.