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Spiritual Design

Discover your ability to heal, create and manifest the well-being, freedom and abundance you desire - by opening up to your intuition, connecting with your gifts and tuning into the frequencies of the Universe and your unique Spiritual Design.


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If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, consciousness seeker or freedom lover who is determined to tap into your potential and possibilities so that your good life can become a great life, in which you feel in flow with your natural energy, confident with your spiritual gifts and living your soul’s purpose,

. . . and if you love connecting with your own higher consciousness and co-creating with the intelligence that’s within Nature and within the Universe,

. . . then I’d love to show you how you can tap into the power of Frequencies of Light, the Quantum Energy Field and Spiritual Design to heal, create and manifest the fulfilment, happiness and abundance you deserve. 

You Can Read Energy, Access Your Intuition and Transform Your Life

I believe that you can learn how to read energy, access your intuition and tap into incredible healing abilities that can transform your life. I also believe that you have incredible support on all levels to help you to do this. 

You have amazing healing, teaching, coaching and/or creative gifts and this energy is is coming through you all the time.  When you get into flow with it and allow it to fully come through with ease and grace, your whole world can change. 

Our world of energy

Tuning into Energy

Everything is energy – the computer you’re reading this on, the chair you’re sitting on, the electricity you’re using, the trees in your garden, the air you’re breathing, your relationship with your best friend, the stars in our galaxy and you. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and with its own form, order and organisation.

We can read this energy, each of us sensing it in our own way. We can also communicate and engage with it.

Unconsciously we are doing this all the time, and the more we practice trusting our senses and our inner knowing the more we can begin consciously engage with this amazing and beautiful intelligence that’s within all Life – within us, within Nature and within the Universe.

Photo by Patrick Brinksma
Natural ability

Trusting Your Intuition

Our intuition is our inner guidance system. It’s the part of us that is connected with all that is and that senses what’s going on, what’s in harmony and in alignment and what isn’t. 

With this information we can make choices that also are in harmony and in alignment. We have the awareness and insights we need to move forward in the way that’s right for us. 

The more we feel comfortable and confident with what we are sensing within us and around us, and the more we feel confident trusting our intuition and inner knowing, the easier our life choices become and the more we feel that amazing feeling of being in alignment and flow with all of Life.  

changing your reality

Rewiring Your Brain & Changing Your Chemistry

Every time we think a thought or feel an emotion we trigger, or fire, certain neutrons in our brain. The more we think those thoughts or feel those emotions the more those particular neutrons get fired. 

You may the heard the expression, ‘Neurons that fire together, wire together’. This means that with enough repetition these repeatedly fired neutrons form neural pathways that form a belief or form a habit. 

Each time they are fired they release a chemical. We can become addicted to these chemicals and to the associated emotions or thoughts. 

All of this means that very soon we end up with unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns that mean we unconsciously make choices and ate actions based on these that lead to our life experiences being a certain way. 

Now when we tap into our higher Intelligence and to the Intelligence that’s within Nature and the Universe we can not only release our stuck, resistant and habitual thoughts and emotions, we can also rewire our brain and our nervous system.

We come into alignment with new thoughts and beliefs, new emotions and emotional patterns, and a new collection of neural pathways that very naturally lead to new choices and actions, which leads to a new life experience and hence a new reality.

Photo by James Wheeler
Photo by Andy Chilton
Spiritual helpers

Nature Intelligence, Angels & Highly Evolved Souls

.When I speak about Nature as an Intelligence I am speaking about a vast and highly evolved consciousness that has evolution with balance and stability at its core. This is the Intelligence that keeps planets moving in alignment, germinates an acorn with all the information it needs to grow into an oak, and that keeps our body functioning in the most amazing way imaginable. 

Angels are highly evolved beings who bring love, light and what seems like magic and miracles into our lives. They are supporters, protectors, healers and inspirers. They are amazing to connect and work with.

There are also many, many other souls, beings and consciousnesses from so many dimensions and realities who are incredible to work with. Some have lived on Earth for many lifetimes with a physical body, some haven’t. Some we have a very personal soul connection with and are our spiritual guides, supporting us as we navigate life in human form. Some are supporting many of us here on Earth. 

All have a purpose that includes supporting all life on Earth to evolve into a higher level of consciousness and to move into greater love, compassion and cooperation. 

We can partner and co-create with these amazing and beautiful helpers.  We can become the human member of an incredible team whose focus is growth and expansion into greater consciousness and wellbeing for all. They can support us with both personal projects, such as our health and relationships, as well as with projects that make a difference to many, such as with our business through which we share our gifts and our message.

Energy downloads

Channelled Essences

We each have our own unique collection of soul experiences, gifts and knowledge that we can tap into at any time we would like support, inspiration or transformation. To do this we normally need to be vibrating at a high frequency, and be in coherence and alignment. 

This can sometimes be tricky when we’re struggling and vibrating at a lower frequency. This is where Channelled Essences come in.   

Channelled Essences are the healing and teaching frequencies of the Universe that we can bring in through our channel  – our connection with the Universe – with the assistance of Angels, highly evolved beings and spiritual helpers, and the Intelligence within Nature. 

We can connect with these energies via specific affirmations. They can be grounded in water, so that simply by drinking or even just holding the water, they are easily available for us to connect with anytime we would like support. 

You can experience some of these essences with my Universal & Nature Intelligence Essences Cards, and Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essence Cards. These can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

The complete Collections are available to purchase in my online shop, or you can also access some for free.

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Co-Creating with the Universe

Conscious Engagement Method

Conscious Engagement Method is a simple 5-step process that you can use to powerfully and gracefully communicate and engage with the Intelligence within you, with your spiritual helpers, Angels and with the Intelligence within Nature and the Universe..

It provides a structure and a frequency that supports you to release your resistances and come into alignment so that you can allow, attract and manifest your goals, happiness, wellbeing and success. 

It supports you to connect with your channel and allow the amazing energy of the Universe to flow through you, transforming your energy and the energy of the world around you. Putting it very simply, these steps are:

1) Intention (what you want to focus on); 2) Connection (connecting with your higher consciousness, guides &/or Nature and Universal Intelligences; 3) Transformation (allowing your energy to shift and realign); 4) Completion (checking that the shifts are complete); 5) Gratitude (feeling gratitude for your transformation, experience and all the support that’s available to you). 

Creating in the quantum field

Spiritual Design

You have a unique Spiritual Design that is your blueprint for who you truly are. 

When you are fully aligned with your Spiritual Design then you can be your True Self and can live your best life, feeling fulfilled, abundant and connected with all Life.

Everything that you create and experience also has its own unique Spiritual Design. From your health, to your relationships, from your business to your finances, and everything else – the more aligned each is with its own Spiritual Design, the more successful, uplifting and in flow it is.

You can tap into the Spiritual design MAP (Manifesting Alignment Program) for tuning into and creating in the quantum energy field in a way that’s aligned with your True Self, so that you can heal, create and manifest your dreams and have the well-being, abundance and freedom you desire.


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