Your Money Story, an Overview 2


‘Transforming Your Money Story’, 30 Day Audio Program


Your Money Story
an overview on completion of the program



  • How you do feel about money?





  • Looking back to how you felt about money 30 days ago, has anything changed? (relationships/health/business/etc)






  • What do you believe about money?






  • If you had any hidden beliefs around money what might they be? (relationships/health/business/etc)






  • What is your current situation?






  • Has anything changed in the past 30 days, both in your ability to receive and to share? Notice things that may or may not be directly linked with money. (relationships/health/business/etc)






  • Do you feel supported by the universe to continue improving your situation?






  • What is even more important to you than money






  • Are you living this?







  • Based on what you’ve written here, rewrite your positive, present-tense statement from the initial survey, adjusting it if appropriate.






Thank you! Enjoy your new consciousness around Money and all Abundance!