Your Money Story, an Overview 1

‘Transforming Your Money Story’, 30 Day Audio Program


Your Money Story
an overview for before the program



  • Write a little bit about your current financial situation.
    (or your relationship/health/business/etc situation)




  • What would you love to be experiencing instead?





  • What do you believe about money?





  • If you had some hidden beliefs around money, what might they be? (relationship/health/business/etc)





  • Do you feel supported by the universe to change your beliefs that are limiting?





  • If not, then what’s missing? How would you like to feel more supported?





  • If you had this support, then what do you feel or think would be different?





  • Has your money experience changed at all over the last month/6months/year?





  • Are you willing for it to change, or to continue to change?





  • Based on what you have written here, write a positive, present-tense statement that describes the reality you would love to be experiencing.







Thank you and enjoy beginning your transformation!