Why is it so hard to ask for money for my services?

This week’s question is from someone in USA …

This week’s QUESTION:

“Why is it so hard for me to ask for money? For example, yesterday I met someone who was very interested in my home organizing service. And I said I would help her. We both agreed, but did not set a time and date yet. I also didn’t mention that I would like to be paid, I think she is “assuming” that I’m going to help her out as a friend. But this barrier is so real for me that my fear kicks in very deeply.”


“Hi! Thank you for your question.

It feels like you have a deep doubt about your self-worth and the difference you can make, and this is reflected in finding it hard to value your services. Once you are clear in yourself that your service can make a difference, and that it’s not only ok, but also wonderful, for you to receive money in exchange for sharing your time, energy and expertise, then you will be able to charge.

It is important also to see that by investing in your support, your friend/ potential client is actually investing in herself and is valuing herself. Valuing ourselves enough to invest in and receive the support that feels most amazing for us and that liberates us to be who we really are can be an incredible gift.

While a service may be very valuable when free, we are not as committed to our transformation when it is free – and so we often receive less than if we were to pay for it. And often the bigger the financial stretch, the more we open up and expand physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to make it happen, and the greater our transformation.

So charging for your services can easily be a greater gift than giving them for free.

To feel comfortable with charging, look beyond the money to what your client is receiving, and the difference that can happen for them if they receive it.

Money is just energy, and what you charge is just a number that you have put onto the energy that reflects the value of your service as you see it and the amount that feels good for you to receive for it. Rather than buying into any money fears, stay connected with the value of your service and what your client can receive. Then they can decide first whether this value is meaningful for them and if it is then whether they are willing and ready to expand and to fully step into and receive what they desire.

Your friend/potential client needs you to be clear first and then she can make a clear decision. So I would suggest getting clear in yourself, in the value of your service, and in the amount that feels exciting for you to receive for it. Be clear that you would love to offer her your support at a professional level, as this can be so much more transformative for her, and then get in touch with her to follow up on your previous conversation.

If you would extra support for this, Oneness Technique is fantastic at helping to clear fears and to feel more confident. There is more info about this very simple (and free) technique at www.JanineThorp.com/Oneness-Technique.

And enjoy the exhilaration that comes with feeling really good about what you are offering, knowing the difference that it is making to your clients, to the people in their life, and to you 🙂 “


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