Why do I struggle to make things happen?

This week’s question is from Valerie in Spain …

This week’s QUESTION:

” Why do I struggle so much to make things happen (my dreams life, dreams soul business, love & wealth) ? With each step I take, I have 2-3 weeks of struggles, blocks etc coming from me or others… I am so imploding & exploding now as I just want to live each day in the flow, with joy, fun & magic. I do activities that bring me joy, meditate, ask for help to our highest source, take one day to relax and forget all, but nothings seem to work…. Thanks so much for your answer and light.”



 “Hi! Thank you for asking this! 

What I see is that you are on a floating island that feels somehow adrift, and you’re not sure quite where you are or where you’re going – you’re at the mercy of the current.

Yet there is something very definite for you, if only you knew how to get to it from the island.

So what is it you deeply, deeply desire? – at a soul level and at a human level. Whatever it is it feels like it’s not on the island. The island is representing your default setting and is at a frequency where what you sense about how other people feel, think, believe ‘rules’ how you are being.

What you desire and how you are feeling called to live, are at a different frequency – at which you are engaging very much with your own flow and the flow that’s coming through you, regardless of how others are.

What I suggest is that every morning and again before you go to sleep, to consciously reset your frequency and intention to the flow of energy, light and information that’s coming through you. You are already doing this to an extent and now you need to be more definite about it and sure that this is what you are choosing – even if the way that you show up turns out to be different to what you or others are used to. 

You could say something like,”I am choosing me and I am choosing to create and to live the life that is coming through me, to ground my unique frequencies and gifts, to make choices based on my love, intuition and inner guidance, and to have the courage to live in the way that feels most loving and joyful for me regardless of how I used to live. I trust myself, I trust my intuition, I trust that everyone else is doing just fine, and I trust that as I am being more true to myself that I am being open to more love, joy and miracles for myself and for everyone.” 

Or say whatever feels best for you 🙂

You are being called to change your frequency to being of service in a way that now includes you too – so that the joy, fun and magic is there for you first. As you do this you move into a higher frequency and from here can make an even bigger difference.

Something that can support you is a technique that I teach which can really help you to move into a new level of vibration. You can access it here for free: Free Training for Entrepreneurs.

Have fun with the new life you’re stepping into! 🙂

Love, Janine.”

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