Where can I find new clients and create a location independent business?

Hi! This week has a bonus question! It’s from Carol in Canada, whose website is www.bodytalkinnerawareness.com.

This week’s bonus QUESTION …

 I help clients balance all parts of their lives as a Holistic Life Coach and BodyTalk Practitioner. I would like to do Remote/Distance sessions only, so I am free to travel and work while away. Biggest problem is where to find the clients that are not in clinic.


Hi Carol, thank you for your question! This is what is coming in for you today.

The image that I see is that your belief at the moment is that it is only possible for you to work with clients in person. You know that it’s possible to work at a distance – because you’ve seen plenty of others who do that – but you haven’t yet embodied the belief that it is also specifically possible for you.

So here is something that you might like to do to help you to help you to bring this belief in. First take a deep breath in, and then let it out again, allowing yourself to really become present in your physical body.

Using your imagination, imagine where in your energy-field this ‘possibility of working with new clients at a distance’ is. You might sense it as a ‘field of possibility’ (e.g. perhaps like a bubble) somewhere, either close to you or far away from you. Just notice, without trying to do anything with it. 

Notice how you feel about it. Do you feel safe? Do you feel soft or hard, dark or light, sparkly or dull, grounded or ungrounded, big or small? What does it look and feel like? What else do you notice?

Allow yourself to soften towards it, to make friends with this possibility. Allow your own higher intelligence that’s within you to clear your energy so that you are moving into a more balanced, grounded and self-loving space. Allow yourself to receive the support of the Universe (it’s coming in as a flow of energy) to help you to come into greater alignment with what you are choosing, so that this new possibility and belief come in for you in the way that feels lightest, warmest and most open for you. 

Imagine yourself feeling really comfortable meeting and connecting with new clients. See them coming towards you, so delighted that you’re open to working with them, and that you’ve created a space for them to meet you at, regardless of location. Really sense the beautiful energy that you are creating and sharing together. Sense how much both you and they are receiving.

In your imagination notice where you are meeting. Is it over Skype? By phone? Using a conference call facility? Where are you connecting at a physical level? Is it on Facebook? Through word of mouth? (Perhaps you’re also seeing yourself telling everyone you know that you’re now offering your service for people no matter where their location is.) Is it though blogging? Other social network sites? Anywhere else? Let your imagination give you clues – it’s through this that you are accessing your intuition, and it’s through your imagination that messages and inspirations from your higher self can often reach you.

As you come into alignment with this new possibility and open to receiving it fully into your life, and shift your beliefs so that they are also in alignment with it, then your clients will turn up. You will know where to be to meet them, and it will feel good!

Enjoy your new venture and expansion! 🙂