When to start my own spiritual healing business?

This week’s question is from someone in Canada.

This week’s QUESTION:

 “When will be the time for me to stop working physically and start my own spiritual healing business?” 


“Hi! Thank you for your question.

It feels like there are some things happening that you are not yet aware of, and that while these developments are happening ‘behind the scenes’  you are being guided to take care of yourself, to imagine, create and daydream, and to do what you love, and be with the people you love. 

Doing these will create the space within you that will allow you to blossom, and thence to grow your own spiritual healing practice. They will help bring in greater clarity around your sense of Self , so that you can feel more clear about who you are, where you feel you belong and what you are choosing. It will also help you to take the action that’s in alignment with your highest joy.

Something you can do is to take a few moments to explore this. So take a deep breath in and let it out again. 

Ask that the Love consciousness that you sense within you and around you, support you to become more clear. Notice the love energy moving through you, within you and around you. (See, feel or imagine it.) 

This flow is helping you to unravel and untangle your sense of Self. It’s helping you to become more clear and to have a greater sense of presence and space. It’s helping you to feel more of the ‘Oneness’ between you and the Universe. 

As you sense the flow, notice the tangles that are unravelling and see that they are energy within certain forms or structures. Ask the Love consciousness to release the forms so that the energy in them can just flow as neutral energy again. Take a few moments to actually see, feel or imagine this happening – because it really is happening :-).

Once you have a greater sense of clarity and connection – perhaps even of the unboundedness between you and All That Is – ask your inner guidance to show you a sense of purpose that’s meaningful for you in this moment, today. 

Allow this sense of purpose to grow and allow yourself to become more present with it . 

As you do, you will find yourself energetically ‘leaving’ the way you are currently experiencing life and evolving into a life experience that resonates more strongly with this purpose. 

Give yourself credit for all that you are doing and have done throughout your life – you have done more than you know, and you have been making more of a difference than you realise. Your energy, your connection with the vibration of love is already supporting both yourself and others. This is evolving, and the gifts and work that you are currently sharing are also contributing hugely to your future healing practice. 

About the timing: this depends partly on your clarity of purpose in any moment, in particular the ‘feeling’ of the purpose, and also in how willing you are to say ‘yes’ to what you want (or to what you feel called to be, do or have) and to take inspired action on it (regardless of logic). 

Do not ‘wait’ for things to be right; instead feel, imagine and enjoy living your purpose now and in each moment. How and who you are being is what is creating your timing. If you want this to happen sooner then get really clear on your sense of self and on your purpose as you feel it in the moment – and live that, ignoring your current reality.

Love, Janine.

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  1. this could have been my question, not sure where you even got my email address from but thank you x

    • Hi Denise, you’re welcome, I’m so glad it resonates with you 🙂 x
      (I’m not sure how you got on my list either, but I’ve just looked it up and it looks like you’ve been a subscriber for 2 years! :-). )

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