What happened when I listened to the whispers …


Some of you know my story, but many of you are fairly new to connecting with me, and so I wanted to share a bit about how I came to be doing what I am now doing.

About 14 years ago I was a single Mum with a young baby, and I was really struggling – physically, emotionally and financially.

I kept getting this weird idea whispering into my head that I was to make channelled essences – something I had never even heard of, never mind knew how to make!

I kept ignoring the whispers – I already had so much to cope with and I really didn’t want to take on more. But life just became more and more painful until eventually I decided that it couldn’t get any worse, so I said “OK yes, Universe! I’ll make them! As long as you tell me what to do!!!” 

And suddenly I felt absolutely wonderful! I did wonder if I had gone slightly mad, but no matter how crazy I may have been (as I hadn’t a clue what I was doing!) it just felt right.

So I listened to the step by step instructions that I was given directly by the higher intelligence within me and within the Universe. I literally followed one step, and then I was told the next step, and then I followed that.

What I was taught was amazing. I ended up with hundreds of bottles of channeled essences (high vibration energy held in water so that I could access it at any time), but more than this, I was taught how to channel, how to read energy and how to ground high frequency energy for myself and for others. Making the essences taught me the early lessons in how to do this, and since then everything has grown and expanded in amazing ways!

My life opened up – and is still opening – in ways that I couldn’t have even begun to imagine all those years ago, before I said “Yes!” to those whispers, and “Yes!” to doing something that seemed so totally crazy, and that I certainly didn’t understand at the time.

My decision to say “Yes!” was based on faith that whatever the reason was, I just had to follow those inner urges.

I am now living a freedom based life, sharing, connecting and co-creating with so many wonderful and inspiring people all over the world – all who have a sense that there is more for them to open up to with their own gifts and talents, more that they can share and a bigger life that they can live.

It’s a pretty cool life 🙂


It has been an interesting journey, to be sure, with plenty of adventures, and I certainly had NO CLUE that I would one day be working with inspiring people all over the world.

People who no longer are willing to believe that they are not good enough and who know that they not only deserve to create the life that they are feeling called to live, but that this is the life that will most allow them to be who they really are!

They are worthy, and you are worthy. You can follow your heart, follow your dreams, and follow those inner urges even if you don’t fully understand them right now.

The fears that come up to stop you are only lies, designed to keep you small and powerless. They are not true – the truth is that you are powerful, that you are creative, that you are loved and that you are supported.

I’ve found that when I’m feeling a whisper, a call or an urge to create something new in my life or business, it’s because there’s a window of extra energy that is here to support me do that nownot later. If I wait, the energy dissipates and everything goes flat until it builds up again. Whereas when I jump straight on it, then everything lifts and opens up, and opportunities happen that I hadn’t even thought of before.

So don’t wait! Now is the perfect time 🙂

Love, Janine


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