Transform Your Money Story Audio Program


“Transform Your Money Story!”
and enjoy having much greater freedom to choose!

A 30-Day Audio Program for Opening Up Your Channels so that Money & Love Can Both Easily Flow in Your Life!



The Universe wants us to be in a more abundant, connected and higher vibrational place in ourselves and in our lives. This 30-day audio program gives us a way to connect with the frequencies of the Universe – and with the Intelligence within us – that can empower us to change our mindset, our vibration, clear our blocks and old programming, so that we can show up and receive in a new way. 


Janine BarcelonaSo often we say, “I would love to do this, but it’s too expensive”, or “I would love to have this, but I can’t afford it”, or ” I wish I had more money so I could do the things that matter to me” – and we think it’s all about how much money we have, or don’t have.

Actually it’s not. Money is neutral, just like air and water. It’s really about the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we have about ourselves and about life, and that we’ve projected onto the energy that we call money. Or for that matter, perhaps also onto our relationships, health, business and enjoyment of life! 

When we become more conscious of what is really going on, then not only does our money experience change but so does every area of our life. We show up more fully as the Being we really are, living the life that inspires us and lights us up, and as we do so, we inspire and light up the world. 


*** ” Now I really know that with the help of the energy that I connected with when I listened to these audios, I can manifest beyond my wildest dreams!!!!”,  Beverley Hughes, UK  ***

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“Transforming Your Money Story” with Janine Thorp

Having money opens up doors and opportunities for more choices, for living a higher vibrational life, for having a higher standard living for yourself and for your loved ones, and for making a bigger difference in the world. You can experience far more with money than without, and you can share far more too. Your personal growth is fully supported when you allow yourself to receive, and when you realise that there is enough for everyone and that it is part of everyone’s birthright to have enough. 

You can choose to be in a place of lack, and of there not being enough; or you can choose to be in place of abundance and be in the flow of everything being taken care of easily and naturally. You can move into a higher vibrational, and very natural, way of being, that is unlimited by thoughts, patterns and beliefs that no longer resonate with you.

This program has been given to you as a way to consistently spend time allowing yourself to vibrate at a higher frequency. As you do this the old energy can fall away. You develop new patterns of thinking, new beliefs and experiences. You become open to new possibilities, and doors that you couldn’t see when you were vibrating in a place of lack, start to show themselves.

Because this is a channelled program, the energies that come in with each audio connect with you differently each time you listen. They can help you to unlock the blocks in the areas of your lives where they show up the most – such as in your finances, relationships, health, business or in your overall sense of freedom in and enjoyment of life.

The program has been designed to be most powerful and of optimal benefit when you spend a minimum of 10 minutes every day for 30 days being in the energy that comes in with the recordings. Having said that it can also be powerful moving through it at your own pace, in your own sequence and in your own timing.




In the program you’ll receive :tropical beach

2 x Consciousness Surveys

An overview for the start of the Program
An overview for the completion of the Program

3 x Consciousness Sessions, each approx 1/2 hour:

Letting Go of the Old
Money as Energy
Creating and Attracting

3 x Bonus Consciousness Sessions

Opening Up to Receiving (1)
Opening Up to Receiving (2)
Money and Abundance Notes 

5 x Meditation Audios, each 10-15 mins long:

Abundance Download
Loving Yourself More
Clearing Debt Consciousness
Releasing Vows of Poverty
Allowing Yourself to Shine

Channelled Essences, that you can receive each time you listen to a Meditation Audio.

A Weekly Email for support and encouragement.

One-Touch: Learn how to use ‘One-Touch’, a simple self-healing technique for supporting youself emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.

Scripts for raising your vibration and for manifesting.

And more … !


During the Consciousness Sessions you’ll be:

  • Getting clear on where you are currently at in relation to money (or relationships/health/business/etc).
    When we appreciate and value where we are at right now, we become better able to make choices that really support us as we move forward.

  • Releasing underlying blocks to having enough money (love, energy, inspiration) to be all of who you are.
    Once we allow ourselves to release what’s not true and to go with the flow of our truth then opportunities open up and new possibilities present themselves.

  • Opening up to allowing yourself to receive.
    If receiving were as easy as breathing, what would you allow yourself to receive, and how much?

  • Stepping into a new place in yourself.
    When we show up in a way that is aligned with a new awareness and consciousness around money (love, energy, inspiration), then we can allow ourselves to be, do and have what we love.

During the Meditations you’ll be:

  • Raising your vibration and moving into a new frequency.

  • Realigning with your higher consciousness.

  • Releasing the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you in a place of lack.

  • Becoming more clear on who you really are and the difference you can make in the world as you support yourself to be all of who you really are.


Using One-Touch during this program will:  (For free One-Touch audios click here)

  • Help you to release blocks about money and abundance, and clear and open your energy for receiving more.

  • Raise your vibration and bring you more into your body and into your centre.

  • Help you to feel more calm, optimistic and open.

  • Bring in huge physical, emotional and mental support as you move through the energetic shifts that are bringing you into a new reality of abundance.

  • Strengthen your connection with your Higher Self.


Along with all the other material contained within this program, you’ll:

  • Be empowered to change your relationship with money.

  • Open up to and come into alignment with what you desire, so that you can manifest it.

  • Receive tools that you can use daily to change your whole energy and consciousness around money and abundance.



As soon as you decide that NOW is the time to change your life and your experience around Receiving, Self-Worth and Abundance. 


Your Investment:

The value of this program is £270, but for a limited time only, this is available for only £55!


Value £270  Now only £55!  (Time limited offer.)
Valid only until Wednesday 17th February!
After this date this program will be taken off the shelf !

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*** Beverley’s story: Transformation from ever-increasing debt, to being debt-free and enjoying yoga and meditation in the Costa Rican jungle, All in only 5 weeks!.

3 months ago Beverley was finding herself becoming deeper and deeper in debt and unable to see any way out or forward. She was determined that this would change though, and so she began listening every day to the two free audios “Abundance Download”* and “Loving Yourself”* (see below). Out of the blue, 5 weeks later she received two invitations that enabled her to not only clear her debt, but also to move to a healing centre in the Costa Rican jungle where she is now enjoying yoga, meditation and healing in a beautiful, rich and abundant environment. 

If this can happen with the two free audios, then imagine how much more supported you will feel and how much deeper you can go when you join this program! For the 2 free audios and to read Beverley’s story in her own words, click here. ***


*** “In just two days of signing into your money transformation higher energy field, I got around £460 from my bank due to a mistake they did in calculating interest on my loan. Coincidence? .. I don’t think so! How amazing is that?!”  Marta Paulo, UK ***


***  “This 30-day abundance program has been so amazing that I continue to listen to these recordings well past the 30-days of dedication. The energies contained within have changed the way I think and feel, and what I attract, and how I relate to what I attract in a truly life-changing way. Do it! Listen everyday! You won’t regret it. 🙂 “,   Patrick Bridgeman, Ireland   ***



Value £270  Now only £55!  (Time limited offer.)
Valid only until Wednesday 17th February!
After this date this program will be off the shelf !

** Purchase Now **


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Guarantee: I  have complete confidence that each person who signs up for this program has the potential to have a significant shift in their consciousness. Having said this, it can only ever be as effective as the time and space that it is given, as well as the openness of the participant, and I have no control over or responsibility for this. Each person is fully responsible for their own success. However if for any reason you are unhappy with the course, then I am happy to offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.