The Big Leap

“The Big Leap”

Energy Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth
with the support of DoTerra Essential Oils 
with Janine Thorp & Liz Svensson 

The Big Leap has been created as a safe and inspiring space for people who feel a deep desire to move forward in their life in a new and more authentic way. 

Usually when we are on the verge of a breakthrough or are ready to leave the old behind, we can feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and unsure of where to turn to for support. It is in these times that it is more important than ever that we surround ourselves with people and tools that can lift us up and support us rather than engaging with the world in the same old way.


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Through this group coaching program you will learn how to: liz-photo

  • stay centered in your process of growth

  • keep focused

  • avoid overwhelm 

  • stay connected with your heart and heart’s purpose

  • use your energy wisely on things that will move you forward

  • discern what works for you and what doesn’tDSC00281 copy2

  • stay true to your inner guidance

  • develop the business or life that is for you

  • create a stable foundation for moving forward

  • clear blocks so that you can stay committed to yourself

  • get out of your own way

  • open up to receiving more joy and fun

  • feel fulfilled and on purpose

  • appreciate your own abilities and gifts



“The Big Leap” Energy Coaching program!

During this channelled coaching program we will be working closely with DoTerra Essential Oils, and so we recommend having at least the Family Physician Kit* so that you have them available to support you in between the calls. This can really make a huge difference to how easily you grow and expand and take this quantum leap forward 🙂

During this program you will be learning how to connect with your core, or signature, frequency so that you can get to know it, clear and integrate any blocks and create in alignment with it.


Weeks 1, 2, 3: Connecting with your Core Frequency.
Week 4:
Integration and Implementation week (no call)

Weeks 5, 6, 7: Getting to know your Core Frequency.
Week 8:
 Integration and Implementation week (no call)

Weeks 9, 10, 11: Creating in alignment with your Core Frequency.
Week 12: 
Integration and Implementation week (no call)

Week 13:
Completion Week.


During these 3 months you’ll receive:

Weekly group coaching calls (plenty of opportunities for personal support, with 3 x 90 minute live calls per month plus an integration/implementation week)

Video recordings of all calls (so you won’t miss anything if you can’t make it to a call and so that you can re-watch whenever you want)

Personal email support (so that you’re not floundering on your own)

BONUS: An exclusive and private Facebook Group (for connection, community and support)

 BONUS: 3 Meditation & Support Audios (to support you to integrate all the shifts and to feel clear, calm and confident as you move forward)



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* If you don’t have the Family Physician Kit with its 10 pure essential oils, then click here and follow the steps to purchase it at a wholesale price. We also have ‘Using Essential Oils for Self-Healing’, a video course with a Sample Kit of 8 pure essential oils – if you’d like to receive this then click here. And if you need any help then please contact us at 🙂 .