Setting Up a Team or a Council

Janine Thorp

7 Steps to

Setting Up a Personal Team, Council or Partnership
with High Vibrational Beings and Nature Intelligence


There are many ways to connect and communicate with the higher intelligence within you and within the universe, and the following is one way that I have found to be very loving, powerful and effective. It is specific, focused, balanced, intentional and safe. You know exactly who you are connecting with and there is no space for ‘just any’ energy, Being or Intelligence to be present, unless you or your team members have specifically chosen to invite them. 

Feel free to choose the term that feels most comfortable to you – team, council or partnership. I use the words interchangeably.

You might find it useful to make a few simple notes as you set up your team so that you have the details to hand the next time you want to connect with this specific team or council. You also might find it simpler in the beginning to focus on one team or council who are supporting in one particular area of your life. This way you can build your confidence and then when you feel ready you can branch out to work with as many teams/councils as you wish. However I shall leave that choice to your own higher wisdom 🙂

Remember that you are an equal and valuable member of your team, and that you are the only member who has physical form and can take physical action. Just as we are so appreciative of the support that high vibration spiritual helpers can give to us, and they too are also highly appreciative of our willingness to connect with them and of the opportunity that we are giving them to be of greater service on Earth.


7  Powerful and Simple Steps 

1. Be clear on the area of your life you want your team or council to focus on.
2. Connect with the individual members of your team.
3. Ground, balance and stabilise both the team and yourself.
4.Communicate with your team and allow time for energetic shifts.
5.Say thank you to your team and complete the session.
6. Notice any insights and intuitions over the next few hours and days.
7. Enjoy spending time with your team and allowing your consciousness to expand!



The 7 Steps in More Detail
… take a deep breath in … and let it out again 🙂


1. Choose the area of your life that you would like to focus on with this particular team, council or partnership. This could be your business, your health, your finances, loving yourself more, a relationship, a holiday you’re planning, a book you’d like to write, etc. 


2. Connect with the specific Beings and Intelligences that will form your team, council or partnership.

At a basic level there are 4 members of your team. These are: 
Nature Intelligence, which is the ordering and organising intelligence within the Universe which also supports our life force and vitality and the life force and vitality within all aspects of our life;
highly evolved souls who are supporting the transition of all life on our planet into a new level of consciousness;
your Higher Self

Within Nature Intelligence, there’s a Devic aspect and also a Nature Spirit aspect. The Devic level is the ‘architect’, or planner aspect of Nature Intelligence, and the Nature Spirit level is the ‘builder’ aspect of Nature Intelligence, where the action happens.

Feel free to think of them either as imaginary creations, as aspects of yourself or as independent consciousnesses, whichever you feel most comfortable with.


Say each of the following intentions in turn, pausing for a few moments after each, to allow the connection to happen. You might notice a shift happen in your energy as you do this. If you don’t sense anything, that’s completely fine too. Just trust that the appropriate connection is happening. Really it’s just about your intention.

– Say “I want to connect with the Deva of … (the area you have chosen to focus on with this specific team, e.g. my business, my wealth, my health)  …”, and wait a few moments for the connection and energetic shift to happen.

– Say “I want to connect with the Nature Spirit level of Nature Intelligence”, and wait a few moments for the connection and energetic shift to happen.

– Say “I want to connect with the most highly evolved and highest vibration souls who are most appropriate to help me with … (the area you have chosen to focus on with this specific team, e.g. my business, my wealth, my health)  …”, and again wait a few moments for the connection and energetic shift to happen.

– Say “I want to connect with my Higher Self” , and once again wait a few moments for the connection and energetic shift to happen.


3. Intend that both you and your team (or council) be grounded, balanced and stable

Say, “I ask that this team be grounded, balanced and stable”, and wait a few moments for the intelligence within the team to shift the energy into a more grounded, balanced and stable state.

Say, “I ask that I be grounded, balanced and stable”, and wait a few moments for the intelligence within you and within the team to shift your energy into a more grounded, balanced and stable state.

You may notice shifts happening in the energy, or you may not, either is fine. Just trust and know that what needs to happen is happening.

You may want to invite other Beings, Intelligences or Universal Consciousnesses to be apart of your team, for example people you admire (living or passed), your angels, other guides and group consciousnesses. You can certainly do this. However it can also be easy to have too many members which can get quite overwhelming. So what I suggest is to at first just continue with these basic 4 members, and as you become more used to connecting and communicating, to then communicate with them about your desire to add other members. See what feels good to you and see what intuitions you get around evolving this conscious and creative partnership with the Universe.

I also highly recommend that while it is wonderful to enjoy the love and support of  family members who are now in spirit, that you keep the intention that only the highest vibration and most spiritually evolved helpers form part of your Team or Council.


4. Now take some time, as much or as little as you like, to talk with your team about whatever is going on for you relative to the area of your life that they are supporting you with. Describe what you’re experiencing, what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Tell them about your intentions, your desires and what you would love. Tell them about your insights and intuitions. Ask them for their support, for their suggestions, their healing and clearing, and for their help on every level. Talk as if you’re talking with a friend, a coach, a healer or a mentor.

Then spend some time just being present. Lie down or sit down and allow yourself to receive the energy and support that will becoming in for you. It doesn’t matter whether you can sense anything happening or not, for now just trust and the sensing will come in time.

Allow your energy-field and consciousness to shift. Your team, or council, will be working with you on many levels and you will also be accessing information, healing, and teaching on many levels. You’ll be receiving downloads of the energy and information you need, and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are also being supported to move into a healthier more vibrant state. Spend as much or as little time as you like, or as feels right.


You may feel amazing while this is happening, you may feel uncomfortable or you may feel nothing at all. Feel free to stay silent or to talk with your team throughout if you wish. Giving them feedback on what you’re experiencing, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically can help both you and them to move through the shifts more efficiently. It can also help you to develop your sensitivities and awareness.

The total time for this step can be anything from 1 minute, to 30 minutes to longer. It can often be helpful to intuit – or choose – a length of time for the your session before you start, or you can go with what feels right as it happens.

What I recommend, at least in the beginning, is to set aside 30 or 40 minutes for each session or meeting that you spend with your team. This will give you time to communicate, receive, process and integrate the energetic shifts. Do this regardless of how much or how little you sense happening (in time you will sense more) as this is the way that you will not only receive the most from this way of being but it will also give you the opportunity and commitment needed to develop your skills and sensitivities. 


5. When you feel complete, if you wish, ask the energy when would be good to have the next meeting or session with them, and trust your inner guidance for the answer. This could be for example, later that same day, in 3 days time, next week, in a fortnight, or that you will be intuitively ‘alerted’ when the time is right.

Then thank your team, and have the intention that you are releasing the connection with them to be at whatever level it needs to be at. Allow a few moments for this shift to happen. Again you may or may not notice this shift in energy, either is fine. Just trust that it is happening. 

If you wish, assign a name to this particular team by saying with intention, “I want to call this team/council … (name) …”. Then the next time you want to connect with them if you wish you can simply say “I want to connect with my … (name) … team”, again waiting a few moments for the connection to happen, and you can do this instead of connecting with each individual member as above. 


6. Have a stretch and carry on with your day. Notice any changes or new awarenesses that come into your thoughts, feelings and decisions, and notice any actions that you feel inspired to take. 

Drink lots of water. This will ease the energetic shifts that will be happening as you integrate the session and as your energy and consciousness expand and grow. 

Trust yourself, listen to your intuition and notice any insights you get over the next few hours or days. If you get an intuitive hit, thought or feeling to take action, then take action. If you don’t then wait and trust the process. 


7. Enjoy the process of exploration, pioneering and discovery in partnership with the higher intelligence within you, within your team or council, and within the Universe! The more you allow yourself time to open up to and feel comfortable with expanding your consciousness, the more will open up for you! 




I’d love to know how you find this and feel free to reach out if you would like to explore working together. I love to work with empowered and intuitive people, and I also teach people how to open up and develop their own channelling skills and abilities. Below are a couple of ways that further support is available if you’d like it, both free and available to purchase.

We are all so much bigger than we think we are, and we can all connect with the higher intelligence within us and around us to access our own higher level knowledge, information and skills that we can bring into our lives in a powerful and practical way.

I wish you joy on this adventure! 🙂

With love, Janine.





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Some Free Resources 

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