Release Your Limiting Beliefs


‘Release Your Limiting Beliefs‘ Bundle
Supporting and empowering you to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your fullest life, so that you can enjoy more ease, freedom, joy, love and abundance.


Imagine …  You’re an athlete. You’ve put in hours of physical training and eating well, hours of visualisation and positive thinking, and hours of emotional clearing. You’re at the starting block, you’re ready to run … you take off … and nothing happens! 

You look down. There are chains around your ankles, and the chains are anchored deeply into the ground. You are going nowhere … 


This is just how our Core Constraints – our deepest limiting beliefs – can affect us. No matter how much of the ‘right things’ we do, unless we release the anchors of our Core Constraints, nothing really changes.

In this Bundle you will find Channelled Healing, support from your Spiritual Helpers and Channelled Essences to help you to release your own anchors and chains. 

Simply by being open and present, and regularly giving yourself the time and space to connect and receive, you can help to not only free yourself to live the life you choose but also everything that you have learnt and received in the past will have the space to come in even more fully.

Meeting Your Core Constraints

We learn early in life ‘how the world works.’ Or at least how we think it works, because the only way we can make sense of our experiences is to interpret them and come to particular decisions and conclusions. These become our beliefs.  

Some beliefs come from our present life experience, some we bring in from past lives and other dimensions, and some we carry through our ancestral lineage.

Some were helpful and still are, and some were helpful at the time because they helped us to survive, but now are limiting, keeping us small, powerless and unable to live the life we truly desire.

Some of your biggest Core Constraints – your deepest limiting beliefs – are probably along the lines of:

“I am not enough”

“I am not worthy”

“I don’t deserve”

“I’m separate”

“I’m not able to”

There are many other beliefs, such as ‘I’m not good enough’‘I’m not safe’, ‘I’m not lovable’, ‘There’s not enough money/time/energy’, or ‘No matter what I do, nothing changes’ . Often these may have one of the above five core beliefs underlying them.

Releasing the effect that these have on us can make a difference to literally every area of our life!


Becoming More Aware  

This simple diagram illustrates how your life experiences and prevailing thoughts and emotions can be connected with a Core Constraint:

Experiment with this for yourself and see. Either write in the centre the belief that you feel is having the biggest impact on your life right now,  and then take a bit of time musing over how this could be affecting your feelings, actions and experiences and write them in the outer bubbles;  or you could start off filling in your feelings, actions and experiences and work your way in towards the centre to explore what the biggest underlying limiting belief might be.


Changing Your Frequency

1. Anytime you have an issue coming up and you can feel yourself reacting, pause for a moment, breathe and ask yourself ,

“Am I coming from (… Core Constraint/Limiting Belief …) or from (… its opposite … ) ?”

You’ll find that just by asking yourself this question, your energy will shift and the issue will start to dissolve; you’ll be coming from a different space. So …

“I am not enough” becomesI am enough

“I am not worthy” becomesI am worthy

“I don’t deserve” becomesI deserve

“I’m separate” becomesI’m connected

“I’m not able to” becomesI am able to


2. Rewrite your mind-map coming from the opposite place and see how it feels! I bet it feels a lot more empowering!

In the image is a simple example. Explore to see how many parts of your life will change for the better as your underlying beliefs change.

Being, creating, attracting and receiving with the Core Constraint running the show and without it are two very different experiences, and even just rewriting your map can shift things into something new. 



Your Healing Audios & Essences

A couple of these Channelled Healing Audios were recorded by the beach in the images – you can hear the waves and other sounds in the background 🙂

During all of the audios, you have a group of spiritual helpers supporting you in the releasing of the beliefs and to receive the gifts that they have given you. Your helpers are supporting you to move through and integrate the shifts that are happening on so many levels of your being and consciousness.

Drink plenty of water after the sessions to help to ease your flow into a new vibrational space.

The Channelled Essences have come in specially to support us as we are consciously choosing to change our core beliefs. Download them using the audio and then sip from them several times a day or whenever you are feeling triggered, stressed or simply want to receive their support.

Note: You can download the audios onto your computer by clicking on the ‘download’ button and from there onto your MP3 Player.

Quick links: ‘Clearing the Seeds of Limiting Core Beliefs’ | ‘Clearing a Specific Limiting Belief’ | ‘Changing an Old Belief and Embodying a New Belief’ | Channelled Essences to Support you to Release your Core Constraints | “Time-Healing Meditation”



♥ ‘Clearing the Seeds of Limiting Core Beliefs’ Healing Audio (~20 mins)

This multi-dimensional healing session is supporting you to release the root and seed of the the biggest core constraint, or limiting belief, that’s affecting you at the moment in the area that you’re choosing to focus on. You can choose to focus on a particular aspect of your life, issue, chakra or area of your body. 

Feel free to put your attention on the words as I’m saying them, or if you prefer, let go of the words and simply be with the energy. This session primarily works at an energetic level rather than with your conscious mind, and is very powerful. When I first made this I listened again and again – I just felt like drinking in the energy as much as I could! – and each time my energy changed. I love it! 🙂

(Audio) Click here to listen or download this Healing Session:
‘Clearing the Seeds of Limiting Core Beliefs’


♥ ‘Clearing a Specific Limiting Belief’ Healing Audio (~11 mins)

This healing session is supporting you to both receive the gifts and to release the specific limiting belief that you choose to focus on. This energy too I love! It is so inclusive and appreciating of all aspects of you, and supports you to be whole as you move forward and evolve. 

Before you begin, have in mind the core constraint or limiting belief that you want to focus on.

(Audio) Click here to listen or download this Healing Session:
‘Clearing a Specific Limiting Belief’


♥ ‘Changing an Old Belief and Embodying a New Belief’ Audio (~5 mins)

This audio supports you to tune in to when you decided on a belief because of the evidence that circumstances gave, to question whether that is in fact true, and to step into and embody a new and opposite belief.

(Audio) Click here to listen to or download:
‘Changing an Old Belief and Embodying a New Belief’


♥ Releasing Core Constraints Essences and Audio (~10 mins)

This is a new set of 3 Channelled Essences that came in specially to support us with releasing core constraints..

In the audio below I guide you through bringing them in for yourself. All you need are 3 glasses or bottles of water, and about 6 minutes of quiet and space in which to make them.


The Essences: 

1) ‘Healing the Underlying Mental and Emotional Issues’ Essence.
Supports you to heal, clear, release and integrate the underlying mental and emotional issues that are at the root of the core 
constraints that are most ‘up’ at the moment.

2) ‘Past Life, Parallel Life and Soul-Experience Healing’ Essence.
Supports you to 
heal, clear, release and integrate the past lives, parallel lives, and multi-dimensional soul-experiences that are at the core constraints that are most ‘up’ at the moment.

3) ‘Receiving the Support of the Beliefs’ Essence.
Supports you to receive the gifts and blessings of your core constraints, and to integrate them into your consciousness.  

(Audio) Click here to listen to and download your Essences:
Channelled Essences to Support you to Release your Core Constraints


♥ Time-Healing Meditation Audio (~14 mins)

This is a Meditation in which you are being supported to connect with the very moment in your life in which a limiting belief, pattern or program first becomes embodied into your way of being in the world, and to then heal and transform it – to release the limiting hold that it has had on you ever since – so that you are then free to have the abundance, ease, love and the life-choices that you deeply desire.

This first moment might have been as a child, a baby, in the womb or even in a past life.

Before you start the audio, feel free to have a particular belief, issue or area of your life in mind, or you can simply be open to the moment your higher self first wants to transform. 


(Audio) Click here to listen to or download:
 “Time-Healing Meditation”




 Make Your Own Channelled Essence

Experience making your own Channelled Essence. This Audio is included in my 7 week online course, Tapping in to the Universe  which teaches you so much more about how you can read energy and co-create with the love, energy and intelligence of Universe.

Audio: Make Yourself a Channelled Essence


 Kinesiology Self-Testing

Learn how to choose an Essential Oil or Essence, and how to get ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers using Kinesiology Self-Testing.

 How to use Kinesiology Self-Testing


 Essential Oils

Learn more about beautiful and pure Essential Oils, and about how they can support you and your family emotionally, energetically and physically.

A Healing Session with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint

 One-Touch Technique

Learn this simple technique that can help you to clear your energy and raise your vibration.

One-Touch Technique 


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