Welcome to your Transforming Your Money Story Program


Welcome tyour 30-Day Audio Program,

“Transforming Your Money Story !” 

 …. as well as your relationships, health, business and overall enjoyment of life! 


Janine BarcelonaWelcome! Thank you for joining me! I’m delighted to be connecting with you 🙂

If you’ve been having thoughts that it might be possible to move out of lack and into abundance, then that means that that possibility already exists! Otherwise you wouldn’t have had those thoughts! They wouldn’t have even occurred to you. So you’re already resonating with having abundance! Now we just need to help you to decide to say Yes! to it. Then the Universe – the Quantum Field of all Possibilities – can’t help but respond to you! 

The way we do anything is generally pretty similar to the way we do everything. For many of us our more obvious issues are around money, but if we look a bit more closely we may find that the same patterns and tendencies crop up in our relationships, our health, our business and the way that we live our life. So when we transform the patterns in one area, naturally the patterns in other areas will also change.

So just as this program can be applied to money, so too can it be applied to relationships, health, business, enjoyment of life and any other area you choose.

For the next 30 days I’ll be with you as you spend time each day connecting with the natural intelligence within you and within the universe, raising your vibration, releasing blocks, and clearing your energy so that you can become a clear channel through which money and love can both flow. 

You will soon receive your first email* in your inbox,  and then the second and subsequent emails, a week later. If they don’t appear then just check that they haven’t been delivered to your junk mail folder. 

The sounds in the background of some of the audios are provided by the wildlife in my garden 🙂

Thank you so much for joining me on this course. I am so delighted to be sharing with you 🙂

May you receive all the fun, enjoyment and blessings of your Higher Money Consciousness!!

Janine x


There was a experiment done with a group of trainee astronauts, in which every day they wore special glasses that gave them the visual impression that everything they saw was upside down to normal. They had to wear these glasses all the time. Needless to say it was a challenge to live their normal lives! What they discovered though was that after 30 days, those astronauts who wore the glasses every single day, had readjusted their vision.  So even though they were still wearing the glasses, their brain had learnt how to flip everything back to being the ‘the right way up’. The brain of those astronauts who took a day or two off during the 30 days, didn’t make that adjustment – not until they too had been wearing the glasses for 30 consecutive days



abundant wild flowers


In a few moments you will find a Treasure Chest filled with all of the Audios and Recordings, as well as a couple of Scripts and a couple of Consciousness Surveys! 

You can download the audios onto your computer and print the written material if you would like to.

You can choose from these what you would like to do &/or listen to, and when. Each week you will also receive an email with support and encouragement.

‘How’ you move through this program is completely up to you – you can follow the steps that I suggest below, or do exactly what you feel drawn to on any day. 

The important thing is that you spend time every day in the energy and frequencies that come in for you via everything that’s in the Treasure chest, and that you give yourself the time and space for consistently being in your new frequency  🙂



Introducing the Contents of the Treasure Chest


The Surveys help you have clarity around where you are at in yourself, your life and your beliefs before you begin and again when you complete the Program, and also to have a sense purpose for the program. If you’d rather focus on relationships, health, your business, or any other area, then feel free to do so, and use it as your focus for the program, rather than money.


Sessions and Meditations

The Sessions and Meditations help to raise your vibration and clear your blocks around love, money, wealth and abundance; value and appreciate where you are right now, so that you can be grounded in the present moment; move forward in integrity with yourself;  become more open to receiving; and integrate a new level of consciousness into your day-to-day life. They help you to get a lot more focused and clear, and form the backbone of the Program.

The first time you listen to these, be as if you were having a private 1-1 session with me, giving yourself undisturbed time and space to be fully with the energy.

Afterwards you can listen to them at any time, either when being quiet or active – e.g. when you first wake up in the morning, during your meditation practice, while you are preparing a meal or doing things around the house, before you go to sleep at night, etc.

Ideally give yourself time and space to be fully with the energy so that your own energy can transform at a deeper level, but playing them in the background while you do other things also brings in the high frequency energy and supports a change in your consciousness. Developing a habit of connecting in with the energy at the same time every day can help you to stay true to your commitment as you move through the weeks.


Notes on Money and Abundance

This audio is a chat with you about your current relationship with money, and helps you to become more clear about your patterns and beliefs about it. It talks about what “I can’t afford it” may really mean; it helps you to sense the very real energy field of what you want, so that you can bring that field of possibility into your current reality; how making a list  (or having collection of images) of what you want can help you to bring the frequency of what you want into your life; and more. 

You might want to have with you: a couple of blank sheets of paper, a paper note of any denomination in your currency, and a pen to jot down any of the exercises that resonate with you. 

If any of the exercises bring up resistance and disbelief – as they well might! – then use One-Touch (described below) to help you to move through the issues that are coming up and to help you to move into a deeper level of your truth. 

Feel free to pause this audio if you would like to spend more time on any of the topics covered.


It also talks about the importance of: 

  1. Making The Decision. 

  2. Clicking Into It.

  3. Letting Go & Letting God.

Making the decision is key to transformation, whether it is deciding to change something about your life, or deciding to manifest something. Without that decision, you are floating around in the “wouldn’t it be nice” dimension, where not a whole lot can easily happen. 

Once you’ve made the decision, you’ll then need to fully ‘click’ into it, so that you are fully aligned with it, are completely present with it and know that it is happening. This is where you check out the field of possibilities, sense that what you’re choosing is there as a very real and definite option (no matter whether it feels near or far away), and then move into the energy structure and reality of that particular possibility.

Once you’ve fully slotted into what you’re choosing, then let go and let God – allow, watch and observe the Universe reorganising itself around this reality. It begins to reveal itself, normally birthed through what you already have within your life, and occasionally completely out of the blue

So why not now, before you go any further, make the decision that you are changing your money story, and that you are changing it right now 🙂



Essences are frequencies of energy that are grounded and held by water. They can help you to become more grounded, balanced and stable, heal and receive higher level teachings, evolve and become more conscious, and much more. The essences that you make with the Essences Audio are a catalyst, and are primarily for the first week, to help to get the ball rolling for you. After the first week you’re welcome to use them just if and when you feel drawn to. There are also essences that can come in for you if you would like them, each time you listen to the sessions and meditations.



One-Touch is a very simple and effective self-healing technique, which supports you emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. It involves touching 4 points on your body – head, heart, feet or legs, and hands. When we activate these points we are, essentially, channelling. We open up our Source connection, connect with our heart frequencies, and become more grounded. We allow more of our higher consciousness to come through us.

People who use it describe feeling more calm, optimistic and open. They find that they receive huge physical, emotional and mental support when they use it, as well as feeling more confident and comfortable with their Higher Self and with the Universe.

Feel free to use this technique whenever you want to move through a issue, become more solid with an affirmation, need support on any level, and if you feel like it, anytime it pops into your mind even if not for an obvious reason.



‘My Money Relationship Script’ will help you to change your relationship with money. Even though money is completely neutral, we are still in a relationship with it, and so how we are with it has a direct bearing on how it shows up for us. And in fact you’ll probably notice that your relationship with money is probably pretty similar to your relationship with romantic partners. Often the underlying pattern we have with money is the same underlying pattern that shows up in every area of life. As you change one, the whole of your life can also change.

The ‘New Vibe Money Script’ will also help you to change your beliefs and to shift and raise your vibration – to increase your belief, excitement and sense that it’s all really really happening! It helps you ‘vibe’ to meet what’s already happening energetically, and to allow it to show up as your new reality.

Mirror work

Mirror work is highly recommended by Louise Hay and many other teachers as a sure way to move into loving, accepting and honouring yourself. It brings up the blocks that are in the way of loving yourself, and so then you can heal and clear them.

Take even a minute to look at yourself in a mirror every day and tell yourself, “I love you (your name). I really love you”. Something else that is also really good is to say the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you”.

You can also speak to yourself as if you are money speaking to you. Looking at yourself in the mirror, use the second half of the Money Relationship script as if you are speaking from money’s point of view. Use One-Touch to support you to move through the shifts if you would like to.


Daily Practice

I recommend developing a daily practice, keeping it as simple and easy as feels good. You can create your own practice, such as by choosing some or all of these:

  • Listening to a meditation &/or consciousness session.

  • Reading the scripts.

  • Doing some Mirror-work.

  • Drinking the essences that you make or that come in for you.

  • Using One-Touch.




How I suggest receiving the most from the program

  1. Fill out the first Consciousness Survey.

  2. Play the Essences Audio and make the 3 essences.

  3. The same or next day, listen to either the first Consciousness Session or the Money and Abundance Awareness Session, and thereafter listen to either a Meditation or a Session every day.

  4. As well as listening to or playing daily at least one Meditation or Session, also develop a daily practice of reading one or both Scripts, along with doing some Mirror-work.

  5. Use One-Touch to support yourself either regularly or as needed, as you move through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shifts.

  6. At the end of the program, fill out the second Consciousness Survey.


Initially this may seem like a lot to do and may feel overwhelming. So just take it one step at a time and one day at a time, you will soon find your way around the program and feel more comfortable. If you feel overwhelmed or confused at any time, take a deep breath in … and let it out again. Have a stretch, feel your weight in your body. Let go of all pressure and give yourself a bit of time. Then just choose one thing to do from this Treasure Chest.

One-Touch can also help you to move through any issues as they arise, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. 



Those steps in more detail …

1.    First take a few minutes to answer the questions on the first Consciousness Survey.

2.  Then make the channelled essences as described in the Essences Audio, and start sipping them at least twice a day for the first week.  You’ll need 3 glasses or bottles of water, and when the glass or bottle has only a little bit left in it, then you can either top up with fresh water or remake them. Please use your own discretion to decide how long the water is fresh for.

3 (a). The same day or the next, listen to either the first Consciousness Session or the Notes on Money and Abundance Session as if you were having a private 1-1 session with me, giving yourself undisturbed time and space to be fully with the energy. 

During the month listen to the second, third, and bonus sessions, again as if you are having a 1-1 session, at least for the first time you listen. Listen to the Sessions in your own timing. You will find that if you listen to them more than once that each time you will receive more, whether you are fully present with them or simply having them playing (aloud or silently) in the background.

3(b).   Choose a Meditation Audio to listen to daily. On the days you listen to a Consciousness Session, it is completely up to you whether you also listen to a Meditation Audio or not. Trust your intuition to choose what is best for you on any day. 

Have a glass of water beside you when you listen to or play an audio. This is for the energy that comes in for you as an essence, and that can support you through the following hours or days. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your body release and integrate all the shifts .

4. Start developing a practice of reading the My Money Relationship Script and the New Vibe Money Script, once or twice daily. Feel free to re-write either or both in your own words. Put into practice some of the suggestions in the Money and Abundance Awareness Session.

I also recommend developing a daily practice of doing some Mirror work. Take a minute to look at yourself in a mirror every day and tell yourself, “I love you (your name). I really love you”, or “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you”. You can also use the second half of the Money Relationship Script to speak to yourself as if you are speaking from money’s point of view. 

5. Use One-Touch regularly or whenever you need support physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

6.   At the end of the program, fill out the second Consciousness Survey.


 ” As you release your limitations around your sense of self and allow yourself to shine, you become a light that sets the world on fire. You transform the lives of those you meet and you release others to do the same.” The group consciousness, B’s.



The Treasure Chest

Just click on the links below!
All are printable or are downloadable by clicking on the download icon.


Consciousness Surveys tropical beach

Essences Audio  (15 min)

Notes on Money and Abundance Session

The Meditations (10-15min)

Consciousness Sessions



  •  Say to yourself in a mirror, “I love you (your name). I really love you”, or “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you”.

  • You can also speak to yourself as if you are money speaking to you, using the ‘My Money Relationship Script‘.


  • One Touch, an Introduction.

  • Other free One-Touch Audios are available heresuch as Clearing Money Blocks with One-Touch, Raising Your Vibration with One-Touch, and more. 

  • This technique is for everyone so feel free to share it with others. Send them to my website, www.JanineThorp.com, and in the drop-down menu under Free Resources there’s a link saying ‘One-Touch’.


All  free audios are available on the Soundcloud App, available at the App Store.
Once you have the app, just look up Janine Thorp and follow! 🙂



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