“Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do” , Rumi


I was born in, and spent my early childhood in East Africa, before moving to Ireland with my family. I have lived for a time in Spain, New Zealand and Australia, and am now currently living with my daughter in Devon, England.

As a student, I first completed a degree in Mathematical Sciences and then studied and worked in Interior Design. I have always loved being creative and have always loved being in Nature. Along the way I began exploring Self-Healing, Consciousness and Awareness, and began to explore and develop my natural ability to engage with the energy and intelligence that I could sense within and all around me.

This led to an organic unfoldment of my own particular way of helping people to raise their vibration, clear their hidden blocks and to access their own creative ability to open up to and step into their own potential. I now work with self-motivated people who have a clear sense that there is so much more to them and to life, who want to consciously engage with the energy and intelligence within the Universe, and who are eager and willing to step into the expansion and the possibilities that are just waiting for them.

The reasons people come are many: some come to heal themselves physically and emotionally, others to improve or change their career or heal their relationships, develop their psychic abilities or ability to channel, or want to move forward into greater balance and enjoyment in their life in general .. and for many other reasons. What people normally find though, is that even if one aspect of their life is their initial or primary focus, that it soon becomes clear that every area of their life improves for the better.