Private Sessions

Private 1-1 Sessions and Project Consultations

 Let go of stress and struggle, both personally and in your projects, so that you can be who you really are, do what you really want to do, and live an abundant life that reflects your inner freedom, vitality and spiritual connection.

 Increase your wealth and abundance * Improve your health * Have better relationships * Travel the world * Enhance your spiritual connection * Allow your creativity to blossom * Light up your intuition * Live your purpose * Enjoy harmony with the Earth and Nature 


Thank you for your interest in working with me privately. 

Whether the successes you want to achieve are personal or professional, in your finances, health or relationships, or whether you want to feel happier, more fulfilled, or to simply have the freedom to live your life the way that you want to live it … the person who can do it is already inside of you.

When you tap into the power, wisdom and awareness that already exists within you, the way and the path reveal themselves – all you need to do is to show up, be open and trust.

And I can help you to succeed.


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Booking Your 1-1 Session

I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to take the next step. Everything is changing for you for the better and I am committed to supporting you in moving powerfully forward with grace, ease and joy.

Please email me at to let me know that you’d like to work together. We can focus either on you personally, or on a specific project or area of your life that you’d like to create or improve. 

1) First please click this link to book your time for your session. 

* Click here to book your time slot *

I normally have sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10.30am – 2.30pm GMT, although can sometimes arrange for another day or time. You can choose between booking a single session, 3 sessions or 9 sessions. Please see below for more information about these options.

2) Once you’ve booked your session time, then please click this link for your Client Welcome & Agreement Form. 

* Click here for your Client Welcome & Agreement Form *

Save this to your computer, ‘sign’ it by typing your signature and then fill out any information you’d like to share with me. Once complete email it to me at support@

3) Please both return your Client Welcome & Agreement Form to me plus also make your payment at least 24 hours before the session.

Payment links are all below.

Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon :-).

Have a  fabulous day!

Much love,


1-1 Sessions: how much support would you like?

Sessions are for 50 minutes, and you will also receive the Session Recordings plus an abundance of Channelled Essences created specially for you to support you to gently integrate the energetic and emotional shifts, and to reach your goals and desires as easily as possible.

3 Months (9 Sessions)  €3,000
*Pay in full here*/ 
*Pay in instalments here (3 x €1,100)*

 1 Month (3 Sessions)  €1,200
*Pay here*

 Single Session €450
*Pay here*


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 Receive a Single Session or 1 Month of Sessions for half the Euro investment.
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I only work with a select group of people at a time so that I can focus my time, heart and energy on them. Working with me privately is for those who want to invest more deeply in their personal, spiritual & professional growth, and who are truly ready to be true to themselves, awaken their spiritual gifts and create an amazing life.

Enquire at for more information or apply here for a Complimentary Clarity Call.