Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship, Healing and Coaching

Clear your energy, master your unique gifts & intuitive abilities, and bring your life into a whole new level of personal and professional fulfilment, happiness and success.


Thank you for your interest in working with me privately. My private Teaching, Healing & Mentorship is for highly sensitive and intuitive people who love to consciously engage with their energy, intuition and inspiration to create a better life for themselves and for others. They have a clear desire and sense of purpose, and are asking themselves,

“How can I clear what’s holding me back and keeping me stuck?,

 “What steps can I take to bring me into living the reality I desire?,

 How can I confidently access my intuition and embrace more of my gifts and sensitivities?”,

 “How can I contribute more powerfully to myself, to others and to making the world a better place?”,

 “And how can I be a clear channel for the Universe, creating and enjoying the life I desire with greater ease, fun and flow?


Your desire is to blossom in clarity, confidence and empowerment, with a deep trust in your gifts, sensitivities and ability to connect with and bring in the highest frequencies of the Universe so that you can make a bigger difference, evolve and grow in your own consciousness and create the health, wealth and happiness you desire.

This is wonderful and you can do it! You are already taking your next step 🙂


During our time together you’ll receive …

Energetic and emotional healing to help you to clear your blocks so that you can thrive and grow in balance, clarity, confidence and self-trust;

Support to awaken your spiritual gifts and secret powers, deepen your trust in your intuition and heighten your sense of your connection with yourself and with the Universe so that you can access more and more of the highest frequencies to bring in for both for yourself as well as for others;

Integrate with ease the huge inner shifts that are happening for you so that  you can move through your personal, spiritual and professional transformation with more flow, and feeling lighter and more empowered;

♥ Discover your own signature style of contributing to, and supporting transformation for both yourself and for others, that lights you up, is unique to you and that gives you a sense of joy, of being your True Self and living your life on purpose;

 The confidence to consciously engage with the energy of the Universe so that you can create the delicious life you feel inspired to live, enjoying your wonderful health, wealth, freedom and happiness in the way that lights you up.


Packages include …

~ Monthly bespoke Channelled Healing, Teaching and Mentoring.
~ Each month has 3 x 60 minute Private Sessions (by phone or online), with an integration week.
~ All Session Recordings (so that you can receive and go deeper with the healing and transformation as often as you like)
~ Email support in between sessions ( so that you’re never alone or needing to spin in fear or self-doubt )
~ Bespoke Channelled Essences (with  high vibration balancing, healing and teaching energies that come in specifically for you to support you to integrate and continue your transformation in between sessions ).



6 Months Private Mentorship  €6,000

3 Months Private Mentorship  €3,750

1 Month Private Mentorship  €1,400

Single Session €500

Half-Day Session: Balance, Alignment and Success for Your Project  €850


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


I only work with a select group of people at a time so that I can focus my time, heart and energy on them. Working with me privately is for those who want to invest more deeply in their personal, spiritual & professional growth, and who are truly ready to be true to themselves, awaken their spiritual gifts and create an amazing life.

Enquire at for more information or apply here for a Complimentary Clarity Call.