Oneness Technique


Oneness Technique

Oneness Technique is a simple technique – formerly known as One-Touch – that can help you to clear your energy and raise your vibration so that you can follow your heart, manifest your desires and create miracles in your life.

It is a simple self-healing technique that was given to me one night when I was struggling during a very hard time. I woke in the middle of the night feeling in the darkest of dark places, when in the midst of my torment I become aware that there was a presence beside me. The presence touched me on my head for a few moments, in turn touched me on my heart, the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. It touched them again a second time, and I realised that I felt absolutely wonderful. I suddenly was feeling happy! It was incredible! I started laughing, and realised that I’d been given something to share, that was so simple, so easy and so powerful. 


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Juicy Stuff

Oneness Technique can help you to release stress that you are holding in your body physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically; it can help you to clear blocks and unresolved issues and to open up your energy so that it can flow again. It can help you to come into alignment with your higher self, to become more centred in your heart and more grounded in your body. It can help you to raise your vibration and become more conscious.

People who use it describe feeling more calm, optimistic and open; they find that they receive huge physical, emotional and mental support when they use it, as well as feeling more confident and comfortable with their Higher Self and with the Universe.

This is because when you use Oneness Technique you are, essentially, channelling. You’re opening up your Source connection, connect with your heart frequencies and become more grounded – you’re allowing more of your higher consciousness to come through you.


All you need to do is to touch 4 points on your body to activate them.

Activate your:
      Source Connection Point by touching the top of your head;
      Heart Connection Point by touching the centre of your chest;
      Earth Connection Point by touching anywhere on your legs or soles of your feet;
      Integration Point by touching the centre of the palms of your hands.

Touch a finger to each point in turn and hold it for a few moments; then move onto the next point.

While touching the points, feel the feelings or express with words what’s going on for you – this could be an unresolved issue, a block, a discomfort in your body, a belief you want to let go of, an affirmation, a goal or something that you desire. Your focus can be general, or specific.

Move through the points at your own pace, touching each in turn for a few moments or for as long or as short a time as you feel drawn to. Repeat the sequence a few times, or until your energy has shifted.


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Note: One-Touch is the original name for Oneness Technique.

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