New Vibe Money Script

‘Transforming Your Money Story’, 30 Day Audio Program


My New Vibe Money Script 

One read through should be enough for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.
Feel free to use these words or to rewrite in your own 🙂 


You know what I’m feeling so excited about?! My money story is changing! My whole life is changing!!



And do you know what’s best about it? It’s so easy!



I’ve discovered that I actually feel better and I feel safer when I let go of my old ways. All I was doing was trying to keep myself safe. I just had it upside down!! 



It really feels amazing, to admit that I am enough, and that the world is a good place to be. It’s exciting here! The whole of the Universe has actually always been doing its darnedest to give me everything I want – I was just didn’t know how to let it!



Ha ha! Not any more! Now I’m totally open to letting the Universe give me everything I need, and want, and more



Do you get it?! Everything that I want! I can have it! Or do it! Or be it! It’s already here! 



Those thoughts that I have … about things that feel like they might be amazing … well, those things are real! They already exist! I just need to adjust my vibration so that I match them! This is easy.



About this Field of Possibilities: it’s a scientific and spiritual fact that every possible possibility exists right now and right in this moment! That means that right now I’m scuba-diving! I’m a CEO of a Fortune500 company! I’m an organic veggie farmer! …

There’s a me that’s wealthy! And that’s the me I’m choosing! Yes!!



So that’s it! I’ve decided! Completely and utterly!



I’m choosing the me that’s wealthy! I have a wonderful and successful and happy life, I’ve amazing relationships and friendships, and I’m doing all sorts of exciting things, all around the world! I’m sharing my gifts with lots of people, feeling so light and free and healthy and happy,  and have all this love and abundance just flowing through my whole life. It feels amazing!



And I love money! Money loves me! It keeps turning up, everywhere! It just wants to be with me, all the time! It wants to take care of me and make sure I have everything I want and need! It’s like a wonderful and amazing lover! Gorgeous!



I have the best way to manifest money too. I decide what I want and then do what inspires me! It works like a dream! Everytime!



I am soooooo grateful!! I love this life  🙂