Live Event

Join me LIVE in Ireland this August!


“Spiritual & Intuitive: Enjoy the Freedom, Vitality and Abundance you Desire !”

I’m going to be hosting a workshop (live and in person!) with amazing and beautiful people who love to explore connecting with the incredible organising energy of the Universe, and you are welcome to be one of us 🙂

This will be a Channelled Workshop held in 2 parts and you are welcome to come to one or to both 🙂

~ Part 1: The morning session is for your own personal happiness and wellbeing; for clearing your energy, opening up to your own gifts, awareness and knowledge and receiving the love, energy and intelligence within the Universe to help you to raise your vibration and create a whole new level of reality.
~ Part 2: The afternoon session is for healers, coaches, creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs, for your professional happiness and wellbeing: for clearing your energy around being of service and sharing your message, becoming clear about your purpose, feeling confident in your gifts and how you can share them as a business in new ways that support you to create the balance, abundance, freedom and lifestyle you desire.

The whole day will be a space of openness, gentleness, empowerment, support and co-creation in which the beautiful healing and teaching energies of high vibration beings and consciousness will be supporting you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

It will be transformational because in this channelled space far more beliefs, blocks and paradigms can shift and clear then we could even imagine before we start!

And it will be co-created because what each of us desires will form part of the purpose and direction of the group and so then the energy showing up will ‘meet’ that purpose.

If you would like to join us then you will be:

~ Raising your vibration.
~ Clearing blocks and limiting beliefs.
~ Releasing unresolved ancestral and past life experiences that are holding you back.
~ Supporting your physical, emotional and mental bodies.
~ Building your confidence in your intuition and sensitivities.
~ Coming into balance, and feeling grounded and stable.
~ Letting go of struggle and relaxing into ease.
~ Growing your clarity and confidence as a creative channel for the Universe.
~ Increasing your trust in your intuition and spiritual gifts.
~ Getting clarity on your true desires and your soul’s calling.
~ Opening up to receive more money, energy and much more.
~ Letting go of an old reality that you no longer desire.
~ Allowing the natural and creative energy of what you desire to manifest.
~ Energetically shifting into the new vibration of your new life.

Location, Date & Times:

It will be held in Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland  on Sunday 13th August

The morning session will be from 10am -12noon, and the afternoon space will be from 1pm – 3.30pm. 

Booking your Space:  

Early Bird until Thursday 10th: the morning session is €55, the afternoon session is €65, and to do both it’s €100 .

After Thursday 10th, the morning session is €65, the afternoon session is €75, and to do both it’s €120

If you would like more information, then please send an email to

Deep Dive Private Sessions

I will also have 2  Deep Dive Private Sessions available after the workshop in which we can focus exclusively on what matters most to you. I normally now only hold sessions online so this is rare treat to spend time with you in person 🙂

If  you’re interested please get in touch for details or to book a space as these will quickly fill up.


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