I’m looking for love and marriage

This week’s question is from someone in the US …

This week’s QUESTION:

“I am going through a breakup and would like come clarity!  Looking for Love and marriage. Thank you!”


“Hi! Thank you for your question.

It feels like you would love to have reassurance that all is well.

It is. You are being called forth to experience more of who you are. You are growing into a bigger You, with a bigger capacity for listening to yourself, for choosing what resonates with your heart, and for enjoying what the world can offer.

Believe that you are worthy, imagine yourself feeling worthy and act as if you are worthy. Honour your relationship for all it has taught you, and your ex-partner for all that you have shared together. It is a soul relationship and the higher truth of your connection will always be present, and this is beautiful. At a human level, you are bumping up against old experiences and beliefs that are limiting you, and now you have the opportunity to heal, release and integrate them, painful as this can be.

There are also beautiful connections that you can have with other souls – so allow yourself the space to have both the desire for love and marriage, while at the same time being open to getting to know yourself and others in new and deeper ways. Allow yourself time to grow and evolve.

It feels like there is a particular frequency that you are being called to resonate at, and it is at this frequency that you can meet the love of your life. Your soul knows what it’s doing – trust it; and trust that at a soul level you are already connected and that there is a Divine timing around coming together. 

For now enjoy the freedom and independence of being single, and give to yourself the love, fun and closeness that you would love to have with another. The more you do this while also being open to sharing it, the sooner you’ll be at the frequency of what you desire 🙂

All is well,

Love, Janine”


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