How do I release anger from the past so that it doesn’t stop me from moving forward in my business.

Welcome! This is a new space that I am opening up, and this first week’s question is from Vallerie in the United States …

This week’s QUESTION:

How can I release this anger from past betrayals and fear of stepping out into a new direction for my work/spiritual business? It feels like the anger is holding me back and I am blocked from moving forward clear and clean.

This week’s RESPONSE:

Thank you for this question Vallerie. So yes, our unresolved past issues can cloud our awareness of what’s ‘on’, authentic to and appropriate to the present moment – which is where our momentum for moving forward and growing and expressing can most easily be made aware to us and experienced. 

So you may be experiencing bursts of inspiration and desire for something that you want to create, express or move into, and then those bursts of clarity can become confused because all the old unresolved stuff comes crowding forward asking to be noticed and heard, accepted and loved *first*. 

So for you, what’s showing up as I’m reading the energy now, is that there is a deep need to be heard and a deep hurt at not being heard. This need to be heard is blocking you from being able to move forward in the way that your heart and soul are calling you. 

What’s being shown, is to take time to really be with the anger and hurt – talk with it as if it’s a person, allow it to speak and listen to it. It feels like what it most wants is to be heard by YOU – it has something of great value to share with you. When you receive this you will have some gold that you can bring forward with you into your spiritual work. It’s an energy that will make a big difference to you and will really help you to bring in and share the energy that you long to bring in and share. It will be *very* well worth listening to that part of you and receiving the gold  🙂