How do I know what direction to move forward in, when no direction seems right?

This question is from someone in Ireland who wishes to remain anonymous.

This week’s QUESTION:

Dear Universe, 

I’m stuck. I don’t know what direction to move forward in. I don’t know what is the right path for me to follow now. I have left one that no longer feels right for me, but I feel very unclear about where to go next. I can’t move forward because I don’t know what direction to go in. 

There is one possible direction but I don’t feel at all enthusiastic or confident about it. I’m not sure if it’s fear that is holding me back, or if I feel unable to move forward with it because that ‘option’ is not really the right thing for me to do.The problem is that nothing feels like the right direction at the moment.

I would like to receive some clear, obvious guidance on where to go from here. I no longer have passion for anything, and my heart and intuition just  advise me to give up. I want some joy and confidence and fun and enthusiasm and a sense of direction now Please. Thank you. 


This week’s RESPONSE:

Hi Anon and thank you for your message,

Your thoughts are being scrambled by an old sense of yourself. Your soul is calling you into a place of greater alignment with your higher truth, and so that is why nothing seems to be working. Your instinct is right when it says to let go – that way space is created for the new way of being, doing and having. It can take courage to let go, especially when we don’t know what the new way is, and especially when we feel that we’ve already been letting go for so long. 

There is a direction. I will lead you on a journey so that you can find that direction for yourself. 

Imagine that there are a pair of big dark forbidding gates inside and you ‘know’ that you’re supposed to go through them, but you cannot because it’s just too hard. A part of your spirit has given up because it knows that that’s not the way for you. 

Imagine now that you’re turning your back on the gates. They’re another person’s gates, not yours, and you are under no obligation to stay in front of them just because the other person is there. Imagine that you’re thanking the person for the experience and that you’re telling them that you’re going your own way. It’s time. Imagine that you’re unplugging the hooks that are keeping you together there. If it’s difficult to unplug the hooks then notice the energy that’s coming towards you specially to help you. It feels very Angelic and it’s doing the unplugging for you. 

When you’re ready imagine yourself looking in the opposite direction. What do you see? Keep looking until you see something that feels and looks light. Ask it to come nearer. Is it a person, or plant, or animal, or energy, or something else? Ask it to tell you what lights it up. What does it love? 

This is you, telling yourself what you love, what lights you up. This is an essence – it might be a feeling, an impression, a deep desire, a word, … Go with the first thing that comes into your mind. 

Notice the word or feeling or impression. 

Notice what parts of your life resonate with it. 

Notice what parts of your life don’t resonate with it. 

Every day from now on, start eliminating or letting go of or moving out of your life, everything that doesn’t resonate with the word or feeling or impression, and everyday start to spend more time focused on, thinking about and feeling it. Bring it in to your life more and more. 

Don’t worry about the ‘thing’ you need to be doing – the word or feeling or impression is your direction. The rest will become clear. Just keep your attention and spend your time on the essence of what you love. Do this and you’ll see – your life will change 🙂

*For example, if you got ‘freedom’, then as much as you can be aware of increasing the sense of freedom in your life. It’s like clutter clearing objects, relationships, thoughts, and anything else that doesn’t resonate with it, and spend more and more time where and with whom and with the thoughts that support and increase your sense of freedom. Both ‘do’ and ‘be’ freedom, and everything that’s not freedom will fall away.*

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