How do I know if this is the best career path for me?

The Universal Energy that I feel coming in this week is about loosening old ties to what no longer serves us; pink light expressing gratitude for the experiences and to let them go, and golden light reconnecting us with what we really love in the deepest part of our being.

This week’s question is from someone in Australia who would like to remain anonymous …

This week’s  QUESTION …

I started a new job with longer work hours in a corporate environment which is challenging my work life balance. I am feeling a bit lost, in my heart I am not sure if  this is the career path for me?


Hi, thank you for your question!

It feels to me like you are being energetically uprooted, which is causing all sorts of ripple effects. The old ‘touchstones’ or reference points which helped you to feel grounded and safe in your ‘reality’ are no longer quite as solid as they used to seem. Even though this can be uncomfortable – you may feel that you longer know quite who you are or where you are in our life or what you are meant to be doing – it can really open up the space for you to tune into you, and to ask yourself what actually inspires you, what lights you up and gives you a reason for getting up in the morning.

This is a gift. So often in life we can feel stuck and find it challenging to get unstuck. Now you are already part unstuck – and by tuning in to yourself to see what you really would love, you will be able to bring in new grounding points, a new reality and a new sense of fulfilment in your life.

So regardless of your current work, what do you love to do? For enjoyment, for recreation, for satisfaction? What do you love to do when you’re not working? What aspects do you love about your current work, if any? Write these down. 

When you have a bit of a list, look to see what the energies are that run through them. Perhaps freedom of choice, inspiring others, expressing, sharing your thoughts, teaching, receiving, giving and receiving love and connection, creating …? What are the 2 or 3 or 4 primary energies that run through what you love to do. 

Once you’ve connected with these, ask yourself does your current career give you the spaciousness to experience these, and if not at the moment, then can you bring about some sort of change so that you can experience them more.

If they are not possible in your current career to the level that you feel good with, then do you have the commitment to yourself to be willing to change career – even if right now, you don’t know what that new career might look like?

If you do have that commitment, and the willingness to explore the possibility of new and wonderful experiences coming into your life, then as much as possible hold the feelings and the energies that you love in your awareness and in your clear focus.

You will find that as you keep your vibration in sync with them that new opportunities and new experiences that match their frequencies will start to show up and to open up.

When they do, then allow yourself to explore them, enjoy them and say yes to them. You will find yourself becoming more grounded again, more connected and even perhaps with a whole new and wonderful career that you love  🙂


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