How do I find my life purpose, including meeting my soul mate?

The Universal Energy that I feel coming in this week is around accepting ourselves unconditionally. We are perfect as we are. There is a deep hue of pink to it with blazes of aquamarine running through.


This week’s question is from someone in Ireland who would like to remain anonymous …

This week’s  QUESTION …

“I have done so many courses and I love anything spiritual… I find no matter what I do there is no joy I don’t seem to have a passion for anything. 

I am being guided I feel, to do energy healing and help people this way rather than counselling… But perhaps as long as I’m serving that’s all that matters.. 

Many friends have fallen away and I would love to make new ones.. 

So what I’m trying to be clear about is my life purpose, meeting a nice man to share my life with and making new friend’s .. I feel very different to a lot of people and sometimes I feel I don’t belong, sometimes I feel a move of house would help even to a different country ??”



Hi, thank you for your question!

This is what is coming in for you today. 

I see a lot of light around you but there is some confusion about how to bring it through. 

It looks like you have some attachments to unresolved issues from your past that are limiting you. Once you allow yourself to let go of these and to fully release them from your system, a whole lot of new possibilities open up for you, including meeting the nice man you are asking about. 

At the moment there is a victim consciousness that looks like it is running the show – a sense of powerlessness, and that you are too small to make a difference or to change anything. This is not so. Once you accept that  a part of you chose those experiences for your growth and to support you to own your power, your grace and your truth, then the victim consciousness disappears and you are left with clarity and alignment. 

Once you are in that energetic space then your sense of what you love to be, do, have and share will become very clear. Nothing will stop you! Your purpose will flow through you simply by you being you and being, doing, having and sharing what you love.

Once you are in alignment with yourself you will be making higher vibrational choices and find yourself with people, in places and having experiences that match that alignment, including meeting new friends and a soul mate 🙂


Thank you so much to everyone for sending in your questions and requests for support. I’d love to answer them all! If I haven’t answered you this week, then keep an eye open for the Message that comes in next week – it could be yours!

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