How do I build the right team of people to support me?

This week’s question is from someone in Ireland who would like to remain anonymous …

This week’s  QUESTION …

“Dear Janine,

I feel like I’ve finally found my life purpose and everything is clicking into place. I have never experienced so much synchronicity before, it’s truly magical and I’m sure your one-to-one sessions back in Autumn 2015 have a lot to do with it so thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You’ve been an incredible spiritual guide!

My question is how do I stay grounded, aligned and at peace? And how do I build the right team of people so this special project reaches its potential? It’s all happening very fast and can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially when the old internal voice talks.”



Hi, thank you so much! I’m so glad that our work together has made such a difference 🙂

You have a message from one of your spiritual helpers who is specifically helping you with your project. He is saying that the right team of people are showing themselves, but that because of the overwhelm it can sometimes feel like your mind is spinning and that you can’t always see straight. When this happens you can feel like you’re missing on the clarity and groundedness that can help you to say centered and just ‘know’ who is right. 

What he is suggesting is to really breathe into the part of you that is already grounded and centered; just breathe into your core. As you do this have a sense of expansion – that you’re expanding into the field of possibilities and potential for this specific project. Keep breathing into this bigger space, and allow your own innate higher-energy-intelligence to help you to become stable within this field. As you become stable you’ll find your feet and your empowerment and your sense of peace and flow. In this space it will become clear who also resonates with this space – with the project – and can help to bring it forward in its evolution and embodiment. You will also have clarity around what to do and when. 

I can also see him helping you to release tension round your head, so that you can allow more ease and flow, and to have more confidence too.

Have a wonderful time with it! 🙂

Love, Janine


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