How can I resolve a past relationship so that I can live my purpose?

Welcome! This week’s question is from Janet in Canada …

This week’s QUESTION:

What can I do to resolve and be complete with something that happened with my sister a long time ago so I can move on and fulfuill my life and dreams and live the Destiny I already manifested for myself and get back on track and do and be what I was meant to be and do?


This week’s RESPONSE:

Hi Janet, and thank you for your question.

It feels like there is a churned up knot between your heart and your solar plexus, that is ‘sucking up’ your energy. The unresolved issues that are held there in the knot are like a chain that is keeping you separate from yourself, and so feeling un-free to be where your higher self wants you to be. At a conscious level though, you know that there is more for you and more available for you, if only you were able to be free. 

There is a reason why you’re still resonating with these unresolved issues – it’s because there is something within them that is like a jewel to you; something valuable that will increase your self- love and your commitment to being who you really are. 

So if you feel ready to receive and to own this jewel, then you can use your imagination and your sensitivities to connect with it and to release all the other stuff that’s around it (i.e. the stuck energy of the unresolved issues). 

So close your eyes (once you’ve first read this! 🙂 ) and gently follow this visualisation one step at a time.

Imagine that you are burrowing into the centre of this knot that’s between your heart and solar plexus, or wherever you feel it in your body. Imagine that inside this knot there is a little small space in which there is a jewel, or a shining light. Imagine joining the jewel or light in that space, and just allow yourself to be there. Allow yourself to make friends with it simply by sharing space with it. Let yourself feel into its energy and allow yourself to soften and to receive it. It is there for you.

As you receive it, notice what’s happening in your body. You might sense an unravelling of knots and a relaxing of tensions. Keep breathing and imagine that you’re remembering who you really are – the you that has had to adapt and carry burdens in order to survive. Notice that you’re letting go of having to carry them and pretending to be someone you’re not.

Notice your sister. How do you feel? Notice the energy changing between you. When you feel ready, bless her and thank her for helping you to create dissonance within yourself so that you could find this jewel, this light, and so that you can re-become more of who you really are.

As you move into this space of greater alignment within yourself, you will naturally find yourself with more energy and availability to be in this moment, and aware of what you really want to do. You’ll become more aware of the inspiration that’s flowing through you and you’ll be in the space where you’ll feel inspired to take action when action is needed. You’ll be resonating at the frequency where you’ll be manifesting, attracting and creating more of what you desire easily and naturally 🙂