How can I lift my energy and live my purpose after loss?

This week’s question for Ask Janine: Messages from the Universe is from someone in England…

This week’s QUESTION:

Hi Janine…. I’ve recently lost my mum… Which has left me slightly devastated. I feel like I’m at a changing point in my life. I would like a new job and new relationship and just wondering if things will change soon? I feel like I’ve been stuck for a long time so desperately need uplifting and a change although my energy feels low despite repeated attempts to lift it x”


 “Hi! Warm love to you and for your loss. It feels like the way that you feel is that there’s a hole that almost has no way of being filled. 

Would you like to take a moment and gently sit with the hole and the sense of loss, and notice the energy that’s coming in for you? 

It looks like there’s a frequency that’s showing up within you that is helping you to find more of your own place on earth – it’s helping you to give to yourself permission to live more fully and make every moment mean something more. 

As you allow this energy to come in and feel ok to let go and expand, more of You will come in. These are aspects of you that have been ‘dormant’ and that are now ‘wakening’. 

The urge for a new sense of life is coming from your soul to more fully step into owning your gifts, your power and your being so that you can teach others how to access more of their own Self too. 

You’ve received a big shift into expansion, and as well as your very natural grieving, part of why you’re feeling low is because you’re not quite sure how to integrate the expansion. 

So just notice or imagine the energy, or frequency ,that’s coming in for you as you sit with the feeling of loss – it is supporting you and helping you. 

As you integrate the expansion, you’ll come more fully into your body and will feel more able to fully function and enjoy life again. 

New opportunities will show up, and as they do, just notice them and see if they feel uplifting and expansive, and check if your body relaxes as you think of them.

If they feel good then consider saying yes to those opportunities. It’s through taking the actions that feel good that you’ll ground and bring in the new energy, and you’ll start to feel more alive and vital again.

It’s also through taking those actions (even the tiniest actions) that your life will transform.

I have a free support that you might find helpful, called ”3 Steps to Freedom: Having the Clarity and Confidence to Shine Your Own Light in the World” I created it as a support for spiritual entrepreneurs but it can help everyone 🙂 

Blessings for you, 

Love, Janine. “



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