How can I heal my past love story so that I can receive more love in my life now?

This week’s question is from someone in Ireland …

This week’s QUESTION:

 “I know the missing piece in my life is LOVE. I have never experienced real love and support ever from people in key roles i.e. Mother, Father, Partner and this is now seriously affecting my ability to work and thrive and enjoy my life.

I keep attracting men who treat me the way I was treated when I was growing up – I am only welcome for what I have to give. I get minimum support which is often withdrawn. I get put down. I am appreciated to a point when I am supporting them. I am never a priority. I am invisible. I do not matter. They do not have “room” for me in their life and do not want to be in mine. I am just a free service provider.

I have been working to clear this for a very long time. For the most part I am a really happy person but now I need the right man in my life.”


This week’s RESPONSE:

Hi, what I can see at the moment is something like a  ring, or a bubble around you that holds the energy of not feeling worthy, or deserving of love. Inside this ring, or bubble I can see you looking quite wilted, like a plant that has not received enough water or nutrients. You are holding a hose in your hand though, and so you have the means by which you can water yourself – and it feels empowering!


The energy from the Universe that is coming in for you is swirling through this bubble, and helping you to bring your energy back into your centre. When you are in your centre, you no longer look outside of yourself for confirmation that you are lovable. Instead you choose to know, to remember that you are lovable, regardless of how you have experienced life up until now, You own the choices that you have, you turn on the hose and deliberately water the soil around your feet, and all over your body.


So how can you deliberately choose to love yourself and give to yourself, even though you haven’t had the love you would like to have had? How can you bring your attention to choosing you for yourself, even though up until now people haven’t chosen to give to you as you would have loved. How can you allow yourself to receive and to feel good about yourself now, even though your past has not affirmed that for you? How can you let go and choose to be free, to have a fresh start?


This energy that is coming in for you is helping you to release the tangled thought-forms, beliefs and energetic structures that are a part of your old frequency, and to embrace new, more loving, forgiving and clear frequencies. As you embrace those, the part of you that is saying ‘I don’t want a man, he’ll only recreate what I have experienced up until now’, will start opening up to the possibility that there are men who will reflect back to you your new choices around loving yourself. They will come in to your life, they will love you, and you will allow them to 🙂


Love, Janine


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