How can I have enough time for everything ?

This week’s question for Ask Janine: Messages from the Universe is from someone in the UK …

This week’s QUESTION:

“I’ve too much to do. How do I make enough time to do everything? I feel under pressure because I have an endless list of things to do in my business (and life) and I find it hard to keep on top of them. I want everything to feel simple, flowing and enjoyable.” 


 “Hi! Thank you for asking this! This feels like something very close to your heart – how can you be a clear channel for the universe while also not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of energy that’s coming through you. 

To help you to reconnect with the highest frequency flow of energy that’s running through you, first take a couple of deep breaths in and let them out as a big sigh. You don’t need to carry the world and you are not responsible for keeping the world turning. So allow yourself to let go of trying and of feeling responsible for so much. All you are responsible for is to be open, and to regularly check in and see where you have unconscious patterns and programs running that are not serving you. 

In terms of both your business and your life there are some actions that are flowing easily, some where you feel like you’re bumping up against boulders in the flow, such as unresolved issues or places in yourself where you have forgotten who you are, and some that are simply ‘shoulds’. 

Check in with yourself to see how much time you’re speaking on the ‘shoulds’ and how much on inspired action. ‘Shoulds’ tend to be draining of time and energy, so if you need to give yourself space to realign with what’s really meaningful for you, then do. There is always perfect time for inspired action 🙂

So as you are taking your deep breaths in and out, have a look at your list of things to do. Include things on this list that you both want to do and have to do. 

Which of these feel flowing, which feel flowing but are bumping up against boulders in the stream, and which are ‘shoulds’? 

Then tune into your Source connection within and ask for support and clarity on what is the highest frequency action to take in this moment. This will probably be either something that feels flowing, or that feels flowing but has boulders. 

This way your focus will be on the highest frequency action that is most supporting you, your business and your life in this moment – you’ll be ‘in the flow’ and there will be enough time. 

The highest frequency action may be more a ‘doing’ type action or it may be more a ‘being’ type action (e.g. resting or not doing anything). If there are boulders – e.g. limiting beliefs or unresolved issues – then you may need to clear them before taking the action. 

Then take a moment to hand all the rest of the things on your list over to the Universe.

After all there are certain ‘jobs’ that are yours and certain ‘jobs’ that are the Universe’s, and life is most efficient, flowing and relaxed when you each have the space to do your own jobs 🙂

Love, Janine.”


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