How can I have better experiences with men, both professionally as well as romantically?


This question for Messages from the Universe is from someone in Ireland …


“Hello Janine, I have just started a business and I have been attracting a lot of male clients. The last one was disrespectful, so I kindly let him go. I have to say, it has knocked me back a bit, just recent. I’ve worked so hard, and trying now to get back on track. I would love to meet someone too. I was getting a nudge to join a dating site in June and there has been nothing, not one date. I wonder why things aren’t happening for me as I feel at this stage I deserve it. Thanks Janine ?”


“Hi 🙂 When I look back to the origins of what you are asking about, I can see a point at which you decided that men are not safe. Before this point there is an openness to men and a curiosity; there is a sense of being loved and feeling safe. There is a desire to connect and to share, and a sense of wholeness within yourself and that others are part of this wholeness.

Then at this point, there is shock and that whatever happened was too much to integrate at a human level. And so the way that you were best able to integrate it at that time was to understand that men are not safe. This has caused an inner conflict though, because the experience was not integrated into wholeness again. So it has shown up again and again, your spirit giving opportunities to integrate the energy.

One way to integrate it is to go into the place within you where you do not want to go, bringing with you your compassion and awareness, and a willingness to love, accept and honour what you find there. This helps the energy of the experiences to move through you, to release, to integrate and to return to a sense of wholeness.

Then your ‘charge’ around men will disappear and your experience with them will change. You will have more men in your life showing up who you’ll enjoy being with, both personally and professionally.

You are welcome to listen to this ‘Loving Yourself Meditation’ to support you to love yourself. Before you start listening, you might like to have the intention that you are healing your relationship with men and also with your inner masculine too, so that you know that you are safe and secure, can trust your own discernment and that everything is working out really well for you ?

Love, Janine”


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