How can I get ‘in the flow’ and move forward easily?

This week’s question is from someone in Ireland …

This week’s QUESTION: 

“Thank you Janine for providing this opportunity to put our questions out there. Have a general feeling of swimming against the tide in life. I am busy all of the time and expel lots of energy, even on mundane tasks but appear to achieve little. I don’t feel like I’m ”in the flow”. I feel like I’m on an exercise bike, peddling hard but getting nowhere. This is reflected by a stressful unfulfilling career and a general sense of not moving forward with any sort of knowingness. Can you give me any direction please?”



” Hi! Thank you or your question.

First of all I’d like to ask you to take a moment to connect with your heart – put your hand over your heart and pause. Think about the life you are living at the moment, complete with your unfulfilling career and general sense of not moving forward.

What is ‘good’ about this? What are you receiving by living this way? Maybe you’re pleasing other people, past or present; maybe you’re learning more about yourself; maybe you don’t need to confront any big changes; maybe it’s ‘safe’; maybe there are people you care about who you are sharing this path with; maybe you are fulfilling obligations, conscious or unconscious. 

Now ask yourself how much of this is uplifting for you, and really resonates with your higher truth. Ask yourself how much of this do you really want to keep in your life, and how much you no longer need or desire.

After thinking about this for a few moments, give your body a shake and a stretch. Change your energy.

Now ask yourself what is inspiring for you; what qualities and experiences would you love to be being, doing and having. Connect with a few that would feel absolutely amazing. At the moment you’re just thinking of the what, not the how, so be unlimited in what you think is possible! 

Breathe into the feeling of these qualities and experiences. Feel them right inside you. If they feel far away, then either imagine that they are inside you, or tweak what you’re imagining so that you do feel them right in your centre. 

These give you a barometer that you can use as you move forward – with every thought you think and every choice you make, check in with yourself – is it resonating with what lights you up. As much as possible, only think the thoughts and make the choices that resonate with what lights you up.

And have courage. Your life will change in direct proportion to your courage to let go of what doesn’t light you up and to choose what does. Life always reflects our inner self back to us. So trust that as you choose only that which resonates with what lights you up, that Life will reflect back to you more and more the qualities and experiences that light you up.  There can be a relaxed and easy flow, and a sense of connection, life force and vitality to what shows up in your life.

So go for it! Enjoy the flow, life force and vitality that you will discover emerging as you practice this – they will be beautiful  🙂

Love, Janine “


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