How can I attract ideal clients and money without feeling drained?

This week’s question is from someone in the UK …

This week’s QUESTION:

“I am a channel like yourself, I clear myself a lot, I meditate a lot and I put a lot into my beloved work.  I know that what I offer is worthwhile – I am highly effective and I hear spirit so easily.  I’m tired of spending lots of money on campaigns and things that don’t work and now I have no wish to spread myself so thin. How can I attract the gorgeous conscious people that I am best working with without going into stress effort and overdrive – I refuse to do this any longer.”


“Hi! Thank you for your question.

There are two parts to what you are asking here that want to be seen: one is how can you generate a bigger income without being drained, and the other is how can you attract and connect with ideal clients with whom you feel energised and excited to work with.

For the first – how can you generate a bigger income without being drained.

Money is a flow of energy. So much of the time we close down or tighten or narrow that flow of energy because of all our unresolved issues that we project onto it. Have a look at what you believe about money. Do you believe that there isn’t enough for you? Or that it’s not safe? What is this reflecting back to you? Perhaps you feel that you aren’t enough; or perhaps there is pain because there wasn’t enough love, energy or support for you when you were a child; or perhaps you’re not giving as much self-love and self-care to yourself now as you would really like. Money is a mirror for what is going on within you. As you heal these inner issues, your money experience will change.

For the second – how can you attract ideal clients, and feel energised and excited as you connect and co-create with them.

What I see is that there is a fear of overwhelm. There is a part of you that feels so excited to be working with people who really resonate with you, get you and are so eager to spend time with you because of the healing, learning and growth that can happen for both of you. And there is also a part of you that has a fear of being overwhelmed by the growth and expansion that can happen when you engage in this kind of partnership. 

It also feels like you are ready to work with people who are quite empowered – so have the intention and allow yourself to attract and connect with clients who are a vibrational match for where you are at in yourself now, rather than where you used to be at.

Ask your spiritual helpers who are so very ready, willing and available to give you support to help you to move into these partnerships in a way that is fun, fulfilling and reconnecting. Then keep doing what you feel inspired to do and you will find that your energy stays high and clear, and that wonderful clients will find you 🙂

You’re also welcome to listen to these Raising Your Vibration or Releasing Overwhelm Oneness Technique audios.

Wishing you much enjoyment as you move into this new vibrational space 🙂

Janine xx” 


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