Getting Unstuck

Janine Thorp

“Access your Infinite Possibilities and Step into Your Potential”

Release the unconscious blocks and fears that are keeping you stuck
& open up to the infinite possibilities that are already waiting for you.


3 weeks of Channelled Healing, Clearing and Teaching + Bonus Session

These groups are channelled, and so all we need to do is to allow the higher intelligence, love and wisdom within us and within the Universe, to help us to release limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are holding us back, and to heal unresolved emotional experiences, shock and trauma, both from this lifetime as well as past lifetimes.

This intelligence can also help us to create what our heart is inspiring us towards and to discover more of our untapped inner resources so that we can feel confident to step forward into a new, more free and empowered space in our life, our business and our relationships.

The calls will also be recorded so that you can receive and participate at a time that suits you.  You can also listen a second or third, to receive another, deeper level of healing, clearing and teaching – each time you listen you will receive more.


Dates (recordings available for those who cannot attend live)

Wednesdays 8th, 15th, 21st July 
7pm London/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles/ 4am (Thursdays) Sydney


£97   (approx US$150)

To get unstuck and access your possibilities,
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