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Free Simple 7 Step Guide to
“Setting Up Your Own Team or Council of

High Vibrational Spiritual Helpers”

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Create a conscious partnership with your highest vibrational spiritual helpers.

Transform your health, wealth, business, relationships, creative projects and much more.

Learn this simple and powerful way to access high frequency healing, teaching and coaching.

Open up to and develop your sensitivities and ability to channel high frequency energy and information.


There are many ways to connect and communicate with the higher intelligence within us and within the universe, and this is one way that I have found to be very loving, powerful and effective.

It is specific, focused, balanced, intentional and safe. You know exactly who you are connecting with and there is no space for ‘just any’ energy, Being or Intelligence to be present, only those you or your team members have specifically chosen to invite them. 

Just as we are so appreciative of the support that high vibration spiritual helpers can give to us, and they too are also highly appreciative of our willingness to connect with them, and of the opportunity that we are giving to them to support the Earth and all on it to move out of the old level of consciousness and into a new.

Open up a whole new world for yourself by learning this invaluable way to support yourself and those you make a difference to


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 “(It) feels like I have opened up more channels to allow my multidimensional nature to express itself in the here and now. Janine’s abilities as a catalyst are beyond compare. I’m floating in bliss.”
David Rabone, Light Grids Practitioner, Scotland

 “This is truly life changing for me. It’s the first time I’m getting a breakthrough within an area that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. Thank you so so much!”
Tiffany Vanderhorst, USA,    Miracle Mindset Coach,

 “Janine stands out as one of the most powerful, precise and harmonious healers and channels I’ve ever experienced.Her work is unusually subtle, swift, and for me, has led to wonderful healing and balancing effects that tangibly enhanced my well being and quality of life.”  T.O., Ireland